Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

Woah, 3055. That’s a rapid rate increase.

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Did you select the option of “I didn’t struggle?” That should give you the proper survey to fill out. My experience is that it always gives a fail survey and I have to tell it I didn’t struggle. I assume it’s a current workaround for some of the outdoor bugs.

@IvyAudrain, is it the intended behavior for outside workouts to push fail surveys (they happen every time for me) and have the user indicate they didn’t struggle?

Good question, it’s not intended behavior but on our radar as a known Adaptive Training issue: ‘Occasionally outside workout outcomes don’t get correctly classified’. Actively working on a fix, you can see all the known and resolved issues in the OP here:

:tada::tada::tada: Introducing Adaptive Training! :tada::tada::tada:


Gotcha. I thought classification meant tempo being called threshold or that achievable workouts appeared as breakthroughs or something. Now I understand. Thank you!

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Yep. That’s how I do it. I marked this as moderate.
But I don’t think the feedback has any impact on adaptation (correct me if I am wrong).

I think it depends on the headunit and on how it is synced with TR apparently. Folks have found luck with PLs changing when it is sent via Garmin Connect, but when it is sent by Strava, it doesn’t appear to work properly.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if it has to do with how Strava categorizes rides with that dropdown that allows you to pick Race or Workout. Looking at past rides, it appears that all the indoor ones are tagged as workouts and all my outdoor ones do not have a tag at all. I’m going to have to test this with my workout this afternoon!

Amen, same here, need to stop reading these threads until I’m in, making me sad :frowning:

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I just had my first ride with AT that gave me a PL change since I got in a few weeks ago.
I tried disconnecting my Strava account while keeping Garmin Connect and now the outdoor workout seemed to get tagged as a workout properly.
Interestingly, on the TSS chart on the career page, it also shows as a dark green section, like i completed a TR workout, instead of a light green section for non-TR rides. I had been doing outdoor workouts for a few weeks without them getting any feedback from AT. Looks like Strava was the issue all along…

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I’m using a Garmin outdoors and have Garmin Connect syncing rides, Strava connection has been disabled for months for me and I’m having the issue with my levels not updating. For me, it doesn’t seem related to Strava ride sync.

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@ryanppax @iamholland @NotRailingTurns

Just a quick update. Support came back to me and as usual were outstanding. They had a look at all of the issues we discussed above and it appears that the levels were set correctly based upon my very recent ramp test/FTP improvement and previous workouts in the last couple of weeks.

Also, as I’m not doing TR workouts outside, there are no issues with the Strava/Garmin/TR connections.



I got one for this a week or so ago, which I was expecting:

You can see I am using Erg, I had to knock the intensity down 5% and also knock the recovery down a bit after the second interval (workout is Crater)

Subsequently set my FTP down to 275 but I am coming back from illness and I am now thinking that was a lowball. It was probably correct on the day of that workout but I found my Monday workout a bit too easy really.

Seeing Kickr smoothing hurts my soul.


Meh, I like the nice clean lines :smiley:


I’m a full supporter of free speech so you are perfectly entitled to your ridiculous opinion :wink:


Would there be any desire among other users to be able to view the history of your Progression Levels? Either an scrolling feature within the Progression Levels box or perhaps you it could be an option within the kebab menu of individual activities within your calendar/career. It would be nice to see where the levels were prior to a certain workout, week, or block of training.


I don’t really see the point.

On the known issues page, I see an item regarding outdoor workouts for wahoo/strava imports not working listed.
I don’t see any issue about unstructured outside rides listed. @IvyAudrain does this mean that feature is not targeted for the initial AT release? Is this at least somewhere in the nearish term roadmap?


Honestly, since it’s all relative to your latest FTP and because levels should in theory (pretty sure in practice too) drop after a new FTP test, I don’t really see the point. chasing higher progression levels only make sense within a training block. next block, they SHOULD drop if you did everything right so there’s no real linear upwards progression during a season.

People can correct me incase I’m getting the concept wrong.


Made it into AT! I use a wahoo elmnt. It looks like on my calendar that some outside workouts are being counted or if anything they are marked. Is TR closer to fixing this issue?

Correct! A HIGH priority on the Adaptive Training roadmap. :sunglasses:

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