The Ironman Training 2021 Thread

Thanks! I’ll worry more about the endurance rides for now and less about the vo2 stuff even though I like to I would like to see higher vo2 numbers on my Garmin just for personal satisfaction :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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June has been good to me racing and training wise:

Plan/Week Total Hrs Run Distance Swim Distance Bike Run Swim
Olympic Build HV 5 16h 15m 49.4 7910 7h 28m 4h 51m 3h 26m
White Oak Sprint 9h 44m 23.6 6140 5h 17m 2h 14m 2h 13m
Olympic Speciality HV 1 11h 26m 34 4980 5h 36m 3h 23m 2h 27m
Dartford Bridge Oly 16h 3m 45.2 8110 8h 12m 4h 14m 3h 37m

See the short course triathlon thread for the race reports. I hit my August target of a sub 2h30 Olympic distance early so I’m considering switching up to long course training a little early. Part of me says “stick to the plan, it’s working”, part of me wants to change up everything for a greater chance of a long course PB.

I don’t know how much difference 4 weeks of Olympic HV Speciality vs Full Distance Build would make. I am surprised how good my swim and run is on low distances covered, but I did 3h45 on and off the bike today only 2h45 moving time at NP 203W and I can’t imagine running very far or fast after that so maybe I should switch up to FD early…hmm, decisions, decisions.


I was bored a while back, and put this together using data from Coach Cox:

This isn’t great, though, because I didn’t use the top amateur time as the denominator for pro races. And you usually don’t know who’s gonna show up until registration has closed. Though one strategy might be to wait until as late as possible and check out the start list to make sure previous years’ winners aren’t signed up?

As previously stated, I think the most important consideration is to pick a race that plays to your strengths (heat and hills are probably the two biggest factors affecting relative performance).

Having said all that, I think a KQ should always be a secondary goal, and not your primary motivation. Enjoy the process and the pain!


Thanks! Will check that out.

Wait… Run/swim adaptations?

What is this ?

There has been no comment from TR


Are you setting runs/swims as compleated?

I got into AT a few weeks ago

I got a run adaption the first week - I was canceling runs due to an injury and it adapted my scheduled Sunday run from 1 hr to 30 min - I also found that surprising

Yes I mark my swims and run completed after they are completed


I need to do that … let me start doing it… This makes me happy

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Now well and stuck into final prep for IMLP, and going as well as can be. Last few long run/ rides have been pretty tough, the logical response would be the accumulated fatigue of training, combined with the mental fatigue of the last year, multiple heat waves, and a newborn. However that would be logical response, so I’ve been second guessing my preparedness. Fortunately my wife is a saint and helping to remind me of all of that, and preventing me from doing anything too dumb. Couple more proper workouts this week then looking forward to resting up and getting up to LP!


Do you input the real tss?

I do not for swimming - there is a calc out on the webs but its too much work to figure out each workout

I do switch the “intensity estimate” on the runs which modifies the estimated running TSS (I pretty never run high intensity stuff due injuries or fears of re-injury)


I mark the workout complete > edit the time > I copy in sTSS and hrTSS for runs from my free TP account > save

Thanks @JoeX. Training is going well. I’m a long way off from my Ironman, so the 80/20 plan I’m following is pretty basic right now. I did enjoy a couple weeks of vacation last month, spent at a lake in California. Biking there isn’t great, so I left that at home and substituted running. I’m pretty satisfied that I bumped my running up to 40 miles per week during vacation (versus the 15ish I was doing at home) without getting any niggles or injuries. Open water swimming is hard near my home, so it was great to get roughly 4 1/2 hours in the lake during vacation. All in all, I feel on track, although the really hard work hasn’t begun yet. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the add! I’m currently training for my first 70.3 (Lake Tahoe 70.3, not the old IM event). Training is going well, actually the best training year I’ve had (I’m injury free from running, so that’s a win). I worked with a swim coach last winter, and am now using CSS for pacing my workouts and seeing good progress (don’t worry, your podium spots are still safe lol). I’m currently doing the HIM MV plan, and really loving the new adaptive training. Fingers crossed for August!


Well things have gone from Great…Average…below average… Great… Ok… bit down…Great… Going ok to now utter disaster…

4 weeks to go Nottingham outlaw and Thursday BAM knocked off my bike, with a busted nose and the usual bits of gravel you end up picking out of your skin for a week or so. Thank god I was wearing a helmet. A week of rest before I review and either give up or just go for it.

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Oh man that’s bad news but sounds like you’re relatively ok.

…And the bike? :grimacing:

I don’t want to talk about the bike Its far to upsetting skin will heal and bikes, bike parts shortages suck :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reminder @JoeX. I haven’t posted since April. May was solid though in last week I didn’t do anything as work demands were piling up and I was trying to get tons of stuff done before vacation. Took three weeks for vacation in June where did good amount of hiking but intentionally stayed away from SBR. Thus, there were four weeks of no activity.


  • Run: 4:03:55; 40.4 km
  • Bike: 25:08:12; 743 km
  • Swim: 2:06:22; 4928 m


  • Run: 1:20:18; 12.4 km
  • Bike: 7:46:15; 217.7 km
  • Swim: 0:41:07; 1554 m

As a result of this, at 50+ I have lost a lot of fitness and it will take a while to get it back. I have 12 weeks until Augusta 70.3, and 18 weeks until Florida 140.6 So, with the long-term in mind I’m going to focus training for these races mainly on rebuilding aerobic base and extending endurance. Currently debating which plan/route to go to do this, but will figure it out!

Happy, healthy, and safe training everyone!


First triathlon in 22 months done! :grinning: Well, sort of - - the swim ended up getting cancelled the week before the race due to an apparent bacteria outbreak at the lake we swim in (which was all cleared up and reopened on Friday…:thinking::man_facepalming:) so it was a Bike (80km)/Run (21km) which was a little weird/different, but it was a race nevertheless! Felt good to be out amongst people again, giving “good job!” encouragements to everyone on the run and feeling somewhat normal! Managed to come away with a solid 3rd place overall (and my age group, which took the top 5 spots) and ran really well off the bike. Most importantly, the crazy rain clouds that were threatening the race all day managed to stay off the course and we stayed dry! :joy: