App crashes, Adaptive Training, etc

How do you reload and continue your ride if the app crashes?

What’s the purpose of adaptations and how accurate are they? Is it ok to skip them?

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  • Been a while since I did it, but I think you open the app, open the workout that may be “completed”, and then look for either the triple dot […] or another option that says something like “Resume Workout”.
  • In short, to adjust your pending workouts based upon your performance and survey rating in recent workouts, with an aim to keep your training focused on you and your current progression (vs sticking to a predefined plan that may be too easy or hard based on your fitness changes).

Beyond that, you should check out the related TR support articles:

  • Experiences vary, but it seems that most people around here are happy with the results of the adaptations offered, and accept them more often than not. Personally, they work well for me and I rarely reject adaptations unless I know something is really off.
  • Maybe…??? That’s not an easy question to answer broadly other than to say that TR makes “good” recommendations in many cases. Noting that, there are also times when the data we give (or don’t) to TR can skew what Adaptive Training sees, which impacts what it tries to do when offering adaptations.

  • When in doubt, contacting for specific cases may be best.


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Chad nailed this info, but its important to keep in mind that these adaptations are being served to you to ensure you’re being set up to nail your workouts and progress you in an appropriately challenging way; based upon that work you’ve done.

That said, ignoring adaptations just may result in you not doing the right workout at the right time, which can look like a workout that’s too easy, too difficult, or not in the right zone based upon what you’re doing and what your goals are as identified in Plan Builder. I don’t recommend skipping. :wink:

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Thanks guys. It’s just that my adaptation seemed so easy and I ignored it and completed the original ride with a 20TSS higher score and I completed ok. That’s the reason for my question. But I won’t skip in future… Thanks

That’s okay! Sometimes we can muscle out a tougher workout, but Adaptive Training has a plan for you to either let you take a breather after tough workouts, or set you up to more effectively really crush workouts that follow it.

Keep responding to those difficulty surveys honestly after your workouts, and AT will keep making adjustments accordingly to ensure you’re set up for success; both immediately and long term!

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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