Adaptive Training and Increasing workout intensity

Question on adaptive training. Today I got a bump in FTP from the AI FTP detection. I’m just out of base 1 into base 2. My VO2Max progression level was 1.0 before the workout. My replacement FTP workout had me doing 3 sets of 9 x VO2Max workouts at 110% for 30s on and 30s off. This turned out to be rather easy (which is fine). The VO2Max (110%) efforts were not very taxing though so I upped the workout intensity for the last set to 105% and then the last interval up to 110%.

Anyway. I ended up rating the workout as easy and progressed upwards. This got me thinking though. If a future workout at 100% let’s say “easy” or “moderate” and I make an upwards intensity adjustment which makes it “hard” and I rate it “hard” then does this work properly with Adaptive training or should I just leave the workouts alone now that I am using adaptive training and let it take care of things if I end up marking it easy? Down the road, it will get hard I’m sure. Btw. not that I want all workouts to be hard, but I would expect VO2Max work to tax me more (next workout will probably kill me now that I have said this).

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Worth a read.

In short, kicking up intensity won’t raise the Progression Level of the completed workout. If you know you are able to do a harder workout and want that, it’s best to use the Alternates function.


Perfect thank you!!!

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