Adaptive training, AI FTP detection and "foreign' workouts

I am a big fan of TR. I am also a fan of Wahoo Systm (aka Sufferfest) and Xert.
My question: In its current incarnation does TR include foreign workouts (after import) for its Adaptive training and AI detection algorithms? If not, is there a future plan to do so?
Personally, I don’t see why not as this is just data.
Thank you.

Non-TR imported workouts do affect AI FTP Detection.

Non-TR imported workouts do NOT affect Adaptive Training Progression Levels. This is poised to be corrected once they release the Workout Levels 2.0 that they are working on now.

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Thanks, Chad.

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Thanks for this information. I assume this is also true for outside rides… races… training rides outside, that they all does not effect the Progression level but it is planned? Do you happen to know when this will be available?

  • Correct.

  • The ONLY “outside” workouts that currently apply to AT PL’s are actual TR Outside Workouts performed as defined in that system / process.

  • There are some users essentially hacking this process and using it to apply to group rides and the like, but it is not endorsed or recommended by TR.
  • We don’t have any hard date or estimation from TR. They have mentioned a couple of status points along the way, but I find it’s best to ignore those and wait for the official release. We really have no firm idea at this time.

Thanks Chad for the answers.

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