FTP Detection — TR Files vs. Imported Files

Hey y’all, trying to determine if the AI FTP Detection considers the actual watts held during training session, or simply that at workout is completed.

Specifically, in my case, would it be beneficial to pump in Garmin files and associate them with planned TR rides if I am NOT using power match, and the trainer is under-reporting power because it won’t calibrate? Will it impact detection results if I pump in the Garmin files rather than just letting TR use the trainer-records files?

In other words, my current set up…

  • Wahoo Kickr Core being controlled by TR; calibration does not work and the trainer has been on the way out. (Finally blew up yesterday). I save these ride files on TR, but do not use them for anything else.
  • Garmin Vector pedals recording power data — using this with TrainingPeaks etc but NOT importing to TR. These files show me completing sessions 15-35w higher than the trainer files.

Should I go back over the last month (since the last time I did FTP detection) and add the fit files from Garmin, associate them with the TR workout; and delete the TR file with Wahoo recording?


What would the advantage be? An overinflated FTP you couldn’t use on the trainer?

No, I don’t think I explained it well. The wattage that I use to monitor training is coming from the Vector, which calibrates and works consistently just fine. TR has been controlling the trainer. TR then takes the trainer’s file (not the Vector, because I do not use power match and I do not import the Vector’s FIT file into TR currently) and saves that to TR, which is then used for AI FTP Detection. The trainer is 100% confirmed to be wrong. It is getting replaced by Wahoo this week.

So, the advantage would be feeding TR an accurate FIT file with true power data, rather than letting it use faulty data from a broken trainer. But I am not 100% sure how FTP detection works — does it matter what actual wattages you hit, or does it just take the fact that you completed a workout, the workout level is ___, and if all of your levels are x, y, and z, then your FTP should be ____?

For example, this is Mokelumne +1…
TR recording via Wahoo Trainer that will not spin down calibrate and has a flywheel that is not working properly

TrainingPeaks file from Garmin Vector for same ride. The Vector calibrates just fine and has been consistent for years

Hmm, seems like a question for support sorry. My gut says it’s taking the Wattage number as well as the workouts passed and then doing some clever stuff.

I’m not sure feeding your data in does you any favours, but perhaps I still don’t understand. If your trainer controls the resistance based on the (faulty) power data, surely you’re best to stick with that until you have a more consistent set up.

If you set your FTP to match the number your Vectors gives, and then still let the trainer read and control the resistance, you’ll be over working yourself? Unless you just use resistance mode anyway? In which case you’ll be riding over target according to TR.

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Yeah, I might need to reach out to support directly!

Great points on your end. I’ll be honest: I have been stubborn for months letting myself get overworked. You know, more watts than prescribed means more TSS than prescribed which means higher CTL than planned…. A win, because more is always better right? Haha (jk of course)

Thankfully I have the new Wahoo Rollr due to arrive tomorrow evening which MUST use the Vector to control resistance, and Wahoo is also replacing the Kickr Core, so hopefully I can just get the resistance set and recorded appropriately going forward! But before I let FTP detection do its thing, I was just curious if I should make that change to the ride files. Without that change I am already bumped from 244 to 248 if I accept it, which is a nice 1 month increase as it is.

Thanks for your help @liam_mail !

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As said @ryan_faer you are better to contact support for a definitive answer but I don’t think you need to associate the vector recorded power data, just import it to get AI FTP D to use it. It’ll recognise specific power data. Adaptive Training (AT) on the other hand will need vector rides to be matched to out doors rides and at the moment that is only a pass or fail depending upon what you report subjectively in your after ride survey.

Once you get your new turbo if you are going to use powermatch with the vectors it may be useful to have the vector data in there for AI FTP D but I wouldn’t bother trying to match it to anything and upsetting your PL’s if you get your survey response wrong. It should sort its self out down the line whether the data is in there or not.

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