AI FTP detection with outside workouts

A few short months ago I started a thread regarding TR and only outside workouts after the TR team pulled AI FTP detection from only outside workouts and without any notice.
As the discussion on the thread continued it was brought back to outside workouts and it seemed I could continue using TR, even with its serious shortcomings regarding outside training AI analysis.
So…today, two days before I need an FTP test, surprise: it is pulled back again and only available for indoor sessions, which I do not do.

A few issues here:

  1. Was bringing it back to all during the discussion was only a PR move to calm the discussion regarding TR and its validity regarding outside workouts?
  2. If the TR team knows it’s a sensitive issue then why pull it back again without any notice?
  3. If AI FTP works then why you keep flipping the on/ off switch more than once and in such a short period?
  4. What does it say about TR’s credibility and accountability in regard to riders who use its software?

Just before a new block after restarting and to say I’m uncomfortable with the issue is putting it mildly.
A ticket was submitted but I don’t have my hopes up since TR’s customer support experts are just left out of this PR and software loop.

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What information have you got that AI FTP detection now ignores outside rides? Nate clearly said in his announcement post that all rides are included - I haven’t seen anything suggesting that has changed. I’m interested to understand where you got that information.

was AI FTP not in open beta until very recently?

Quite expected to have changes during such a development period and it’s your choice to be part of that or not.

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@muckymariner ,

The following TR notice when I try:
“ 0 of 10 workouts completed

Complete 10 More Workouts to Unlock

AI FTP Detection

AI FTP Detection needs 10 recently completed indoor TrainerRoad workouts to accurately detect your FTP; so far, you’ve done 0. Check back after completing 10 workouts to unlock Al FTP Detection!”

Since I only train outside and I have far more than 10 done workouts in recent weeks it excludes me.

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It still counts all or your outdoor rides, workout or not, but they have added a requirement that you’ve done 10 indoor TR workouts “recently”. You’ll get an estimate taking into account everything, but you’re right that you’ll have to do those 10 indoor workouts before AI FTP detection will work.

@Jesse_Vernon1 ,
You are correct.
But, as written in my initial post: I don’t do indoor workouts.
Only outside.
That means the change they made, second time around after cancelling the previous change, makes AI FTP detection unusable for me.


Yeah its pretty poor show that they keep changing things.

Businesses exist to create profit. Profit is increased if you protect the business model; why are you surprised by this?

@Neuromancer ,
Surprised, no.
Disappointed since credibility is everything for a long term business.
Their actions regarding the AI FTP and outside workouts disappoint me in regard to their claim of scientific approach.
It’s ok to say you can not use it without inside workouts.
It is not ok to withdraw it without notice from outside workouts, introduce it again when the issue arises publicly and withdraw it again without notice knowing very well, from either forum posts which they referred to or their customer support crew, that there’s an issue with it with at least one of their customers.

Since they changed the help docs regarding the matter I guess they’re legally covered.
Does it also cover the trust issue between coach (or sort of) and trainee?…

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It was in an open beta. You had to go in and enable the feature through your account. Changes were expected and not surprising while it was in beta. One of the changes was that 10 indoor workouts are required for ai ftp.

No changes to requirements have been made since it was officially released. A few weeks ago that I am aware of.

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@Buckethead ,
On Nov 1st (or day or two prior) AI FTP introduced indoor workouts demand.
About two weeks later that demand was cancelled, amid a heated discussion regarding TR and outside workouts.
They reintroduced the demand somewhere in the past two weeks and not before.
Neither change was mentioned on any release notes or on any public media.
The only public announcement that was made and discussed regarding the issue is AI FTP going out of beta and for everyone to use.

The way TR has been handling the issue smells more like PR and politics than anything else.
It’s their prerogative.
It also smells.

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My guess is that the model works way better with indoor workouts completed and makes it more accurate. For whatever reason.

My guess is also that if the model worked only with outdoor riding they would include it n

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