Adaptation with other sports?


Do the trainerroad programs adapt to the other sports we practice?
For example, I added a bike ride yesterday (6h -353 TSS) and I have no proposed adaptation, even while refreshing (while my total week is at 183 TSS).
Is it normal please?


Hey @Hugoyave!

At the moment, Adaptive Training will adapt in response to the completion of all TrainerRoad Structured rides. This includes Inside and Outside structured rides. You can find more info about: How to Use Outside Workouts with Adaptive Training here.

In the future, we will be releasing a new feature, Workout Levels Version 2, which will allow Adaptive Training to account for ALL rides - Inside, Outside, Structured and Unstructured. So while your Training Plan will not adapt in response to your Unstructured Outside rides at the moment, this feature is coming soon!

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