How does adaptive training adapt to workouts I've adapted/added to

Recently I did Black Lassic - the cool down was a 10min period so instead I did 10 more minutes of sweetspot and extended the workout by about about 3 or 4 mins for the cooldown and another occasion had Geiger +2 which is a 1:30hr sweetspot - I added 15 mins to the end and did another 12 min sweetspot. Does adaptive training take these kinds of changes into consideration?

Not yet. They talked about having a super pass function but I don’t think so. Since you felt fresh enough to add on, then mark it as easy or moderate and it’ll adapt.

AT ignores the Warm Up and Cool Down portions of any TR workout.

Essentially, nothing you do in those sections (Higher/Lower or Longer/Shorter) will matter as of now.

So, I assume it also doesn’t “notice” added time then either?

Correct. AT ignores it completely, intensity AND duration of WU & CD are irrelevant.

You aren’t explicitly graded on it, but if you over cook yourself and struggle later you will get adapted down. Conversely, if you gain fitness taking this approach, you will get upgraded by virtue of doing more work. Alternatively, if this gives you confidence to try a harder that prescribed workout, and succeed, then your PLs will adjust and everything above repeats.

Think of AT as bowling with guard rails up. It keeps you out of the gutter. You can hit strikes the normal way, or the ugly way, or anything in between. The beauty is experimenting and not having worrying too much if you are gonna completely mess up. It might not have perfect PLs for you, and if you think it doesn’t, go ahead and experiment. Add on time/intensity if you want. Make it easier. So many options.

I only adjust sweetspot and below in this manner. I guess I need to plan better and just swap out a longer ride than add at the end. A lot of times though I don’t know if I will add until I’m in the ride so I know if I can handle it or not.

It’s fine to leave as is then. You will gain confidence with experience and the system will detect straying physiological changes overtime (either positive or negative).

You’re not hurting anything.

I do both - add on and pick longer shorter. Use alternates. Straight up delete workouts, add, skip. The system is robust to keep the macro scale plan on track.

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So what if you swap a scheduled hard indoor/trainer workout (say 120-130 TSS sweet spot or threshold 90-120 min’s) and instead go ride outdoors 3- 3.5 hours, 200+ TSS? Do you get any sort of “credit”/consideration for the outdoor workout? Does AI look at it and say “nice work, I’ll take that into consideration”, or “how dare you drop one of my workouts, I’m down grading you next week”?

That is a fair bit off topic from the original one, but we can hit on it here.

For the goal of doing an outside workout instead of an inside one:

  • It is best to actually set that as an outside workout on your TR calendar,

  • Do the workout and aim to mimic the actual goals or actually perform it on Wahoo or Garmin head units.

  • Then it should upload (assuming Strava, Garmin, etc. sync to your TR account) and count as “done”.

  • You will need to open that completed workout (which should associated to the planned outside TR workout from your calendar) and then assign a survey response.

  • Once all that is done, AT should update your related Progression Levels and may adjust your pending workouts as a result of all that.

However, if you are talking about performing a vastly different outside workout than the “planned” one, or just totally freeform a ride that is “unstructured” in the TR sense, it will not work in the goal of connecting to AT. Those “unstructured” rides are still not handled by TR.

So, for outside workouts, do the typical TR setup and then make sure to complete the post-ride survey.

Never mind - just re- read your response and see that it does. Since we’ve gone down this trail, I was also wondering this - if I choose outside and push the workout to my Wahoo and do the workout as prescribed on the road - does the AT see that the same as indoor ride once it syncs?

Read my reply right aboveYes, is the answer.

I think you would be better to change your type of workout in the calendar (to a long endurance ride or whatever you will be doing outside) the set it to outside and push it to your head unit and follow the workout. Do the survey as Chad said and that will give you the best way for the plan to adapt to your training :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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This is exactly what I do and would recommend based on my experiences if you want ‘credit’ for the workout. I’m generalizing, but I think a lot of us have a good idea how long our ride will be and how hard it will be before we head out - whether a group ride or solo. I just pick a workout similar to what I expect my ride to be outdoors, push to my wahoo, and roughly follow it if I can.

Piggybacking off this instead of starting a new one.

I have just manually updated my FTP because I hate doing an FTP test but it is still asking me to adapt my training to something that is harder.

I have declined the adaptations but it is still asking can anyone advise?


Email for help.