Adaptation time for different training stimulus

Hi all,

what is the avg time for adaptation for different trainings (aerobic, anaerobic, sprints, ftp, vo2max)? From “start to see the change” to adopted (90%).

That’ll depend upon a lot of things, a few I can think of off the top of my head. The individual, their age, receptiveness (genes) and where they are training wise (if they are new and have the space for a lot of rapid adaptation, or if they are experienced and have already nearly maximised their adaptations, it takes a long time to go that last little step) etc

I was thinking more in a way when to introduce something in training plan depending on time needed for adaptation

Just look at the existing plans for ideas. Usually intensity goes up the nearer you’re getting to your peak. There’s a lot of variability btwn individuals, though.

I think in Skiba’s latest book, it says 4-8 weeks for the body to adapt with 6 weeks as a reasonable average. Obviously “it depends” on many factors about you.