For those of you who have moved from sea level to altitude

How long did it take for you to bring your FTP at altitude up to your previous sea level ftp? I ask because I am likely moving from around 750’ to Denver next summer and I am curious what others who have made a similar move experienced in training, racing, and hard group rides. What was the adaptive period like? Weeks? Months? Years?:open_mouth:

I think the podcast said once that 3 weeks you’ll be most of the way there.

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That was my experience as well, when I moved from 2000 feet to 7000 feet.

It will never be the same at the same fitness level.

You’ll be extra handicapped for about 3 weeks while you acclimate, but after that you’ll still have a lower FTP.

Here’s a graph showing it. Notice how it’s lower for non-acclimatized vs acclimatized.


But you feel like a beast when you go back to sea level to ride :muscle::grin:

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