Scheduled adapted workouts have reverted

New to TR about a month into SSB lv and adaptive training has been regularly giving new workouts. I’m on my last week and was scheduled for harder workouts but they seem to have reverted to the original plan workouts without any notification. I remember the suggestions but wanted to see if anyone else had this happen or if I’m missing something.

Check in with for this.

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Yes, just today. I finished SSBL1 and was starting the rest week when my entire plan for the year from that point on disappeared. But my primary events were still in the calendar. So I just did my own rest week version and did my ramp test today. I added in an hour of endurance. Now I open the program on my pc and find all of my zone level ratings are gone or dramatically lowered on the career page. It seems I am asked about adaptions everyday with this program. They are up, they are down, they are exactly the same. It ain’t me folks. I think their adaptive programing has the Delta Covid, because it sure isn’t well. And don’t you refer me to support as I just finished a couple of weeks with them. I appreciate the advice but in the end I just did my plan over to replace the disappeared months. Support can’t help when the program is schizophrenic. It is literally all over the place. I have been using TR for a few years so I will just have to work around this craziness or bail out of the adaptive part.

A week off the bike followed by a new Ramp Test will result in a drop, or pretty drastic change, in your Progression Levels. This is expected.
Just keep doing the prescribed workouts and your PLs will adjust in no time, but keep in mind that its just a descriptive metric for your current abilities, so time off or FTP changes will impact it.

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Thank you Ivy. From the recent podcast they said you were ill so I hope you are well by now. I enjoy your personality on the podcasts.
I did go through a couple of weeks of email tag with JJ. Longer story but everything in my rant was true. I burned out in 19 on mid level SSB and the Build after that. This time I’m going SSB low volume but adding in YMCA spin class rides and some Rouvy.
I realized today that the AT might not be able to account for outside rides so it gets confused. I assume it only works well with just following the TR plans or intervals. That should be explained to users if true.
It’s complicated. That’s why after years of data and testing there are no self driving cars on the road.
Don’t be in a rush Ivy. Make sure you are completely well before training again. You have lots of time. I’m 70 and still here.
Gary Hoff

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Thanks for the well wishes, Gary! Hopefully I’ll be back at it soon. :sunglasses: