Accidentally bought bulk gel - how to disseminate?

So I clicked the sale button too fast and realized I bought 15 servings of gel as a single portion package. Any tips on portioning this out for rides? Any particular reusable, small pouches anyone has had success using?

Figured there might be some “homemade” gel makers out there that might have some try and avoid recommendations.

Thanks in advance for any tips (other than to read the copy closer next time) :wink:


Since you only need 15 you might go to a hobby store and ask if they have any resealable plastic bags. Bead stores have them too. You can use a syringe to fill them

How long of a ride would it be to use 15 servings? Probably epic!


Hammer also makes a flask like this. Works well. I used to use it for homemade gel or maple syrup.

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Yep. Buy a gel flask. The hold several several servings. 3-5. If you need more than one on a ride it’s actually easier anyway inmho.

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Not sure which gel we’re talking about, but assuming GU they’re 21g carbs per serving. I believe Dr. Harrison recommends 90g/hr (possibly up to 120g/hr). I prefer the taste (and cost) of his drink mix recipe, but 4 gels an hour for 4 hours - it sounds like disaster could be the ride you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

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There’s a thread for everything here…

I also bought some bigger 6oz ones that I can put three shots of NeverSecond or six shots of Gu into. Way easier than tearing open foil packets while rolling.

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I think tiktok would be the place to disseminate a video of you eating it all before the final of your zwift race.

Ha! This is for multiple riders on a day long off-road adventure.

Thanks for all the recommendations. I went with a couple of the GU flasks so that each of us can have one to use and I like the re-usability of this solution.