Access to my history after cancelling subscription

due to the cost benefit ratio and my personal needs at this stage i decided to stop\pause my yearly subscription (after several years as a very happy user). i find it very dissappointing that all my previous training data is no longer available to me on the app. good thing i have it all on Strava …


yeah, for real :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I am not asking for anything except my old calendar. Seems reasonable to me, there is much more to the app than that.


Could you rejoin for a month and load everything to Training Peaks?

There is perpetual cost to perpetual cloud storage, although the cost is significantly lower than the subscription cost.

It would make sense for TR to create a “TR Light” that only gives you the calendar and maybe an a la carte (pay-per-workout / in-app purchase) system with no access to AI FTP an AI training plans.

The fact that so many people are still using Training Peaks shows that there’s money being left on the table. TR could be a great Software As A Platform.


I’ve thought about this before. It’s not exactly what’s keeping me around, but the biggest gap is I’m not aware of a way to get your ride comments out of TR. A pdf version with all your rides formatted like the Past Activities page would be passable.

Thank you all for the constructive comments (which I much prefer over the sarcastic ones).
To be honest, for me this is not so much a practical issue as an issue of principle.
Technically, I am all set, having all my rides in Strava (where I also enter my workout comments). The storage issue initially made sense to me, but: 1. TR surely keeps the data for their own analyses and because the data is available if one renews subscription. 2. I think the amount of data is negligible.
I like the ideas of TR light or the option to export your past activities/comments to some basic file format.
Not having access to my own rides made me think of Taylor swift :sweat_smile: (not to be confused with Taylor Zwift) who lost rights to her own recordings. Maybe I should just re-record all my rides again…
Very likely, within a couple of weeks I will renew my subscription as TR is the best platform of its kind that I know.

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To the best of my knowledge (I work for an EU software company) it’s the law in the EU that they provide a way to at least download data in a commonly used format. Art. 20 GDPR – Right to data portability - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

At my company we struggle with this law all the time, when developing new features one of the first questions is how can users get their data out if they unsubscribe. But yeah, maybe I missed something and TR is exempt from this, im a developer not an attorney :sweat_smile:.


Well that’s WLV2 postponed for another few years while developers all get diverted to building export tools :wink:


Hey there!

We are happy to zip your data and send it to you if you’d like – please shoot an email to and we can get that sorted out for you!