April Fun, 2021

You know what day it is. Share your delightfully silly spoofs.

Bleeped words, but has the NSFW you might expect from an Aussie :wink:


Surprise Announcement: Backwards Hat Dylan Joins TrainerRoad, replacing Coach Chad



Back to basics for Specialized?


I found the “Big Wheels” on Zwift today kinda annoying…mostly ebcause the constant body wiggle was distracting and made it feel like I was going slower than normal (even though I wasn’t).

Also makes me wonder what they could have fixed if they had dedicated those development man hours to some of the ongoing issues that are well-known.


  • Don’t worry, they just reused time that they wasted when they developed the silly trikes the first time. Good old Z recycle. Did you expect something new from them with all that time then need to spend rolling around in their VC $$$$$$ :stuck_out_tongue:
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And the Sticky Draft on those damn things was AWFUL today…if you were within .5 W/KG of the rider in front of you, you literally could not pass them. And since I was doing a TR workout simultaneously, there were times where I was just “locked” with another rider…

I thought that Maap x New Era cap was a joke, but I’m pretty sure that’s actually a real thing. It’s on the Maap site to order! Take my money!

Still holding out hope that this is a joke:


I almost posted that into the Racing category. Saw it on CyclingTips, so I am thinking it’s real.

It’s real…France is entering a month-long lockdown and the Nord region has some of the higest infection rates right now.

Definitely bummed (especially for the women) but it undoubtedly the right call.

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Divorcycle for kids?

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Guaranteed to work twice as fast with no brakes!

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Finally something for all those people who can’t stop complaining about TR


Actually I think that’s be quite fun as long as

You weren’t allowed to stop on a segment to achieve it. I have a time of a bit over 3 hours for a segment where I stopped at a pub half way along it.

The minimum accepted time had to be above walking pace.

It’d be quite a skill getting in to the leader board for slowest times.

A day late, but this was a solid entry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC05lrxzF2g&fbclid=IwAR3tAP29HZpWmRJS3H8sFLeZsSrqKhJlmLOVCjhrk-cC2__RD-M6ijs-zhw

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