TrainerRoad to be Purchased by Zwift

I heard through sources that TrainerRoad is being sold to Zwift and that the deal will be done by the end of the month.

Details of the deal weren’t immediately available, but its rumored that Zwift has offered @Nate_Pearson a Popeye’s themed S-Works Venge as part of the compensation package.



New races to include the first to finish a 1hr workout.


Poor attempt on 1st April! :joy::joy::joy:

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Finally Zwift would make someone faster😬


Isn’t there some rule about April fools jokes and time of day. This one seems to fall late…and be a let down as well.

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Probably …Wahoo sent out an email a few years ago with a core temperature monitor you inserted …haven’t seen another email like that from them

Obviously this was intended as an April Fools joke, but I was actually just thinking about this very subject (not in the context of a joke) just the other day. It wouldn’t shock me if Zwift did attempt to purchase TR (if they haven’t already).

My thinking is as follows: Zwift has received a huge amount of funding ($120 USD I believe), which means there are investors who want to see a return on their investment. Any that receives funding (or pretty much any company, period) has financial and business targets that are set, and for Zwift these would be things focused on growth (e.g. increase subscriber base by 30%, increase revenue by 50%, etc).

A common way of achieving such targets when you’ve got a lot of funding and your product itself isn’t getting you all the way to your growth targets is to just acquire another company which can get you part of the way there. This means that Zwift acquiring TR would instantly increase their subscriber base numbers as well as yearly revenue, all without making a single change to Zwift. I’ve been involved in such acquisitions a few times in the software world, and it was a big surprise (and kind of felt like cheating) when I first saw it being done to achieve overly-optimistic financial targets.

Anyhow, I really doubt that it would ever actually happen (and I certainly hope it doesn’t), but I’d be surprised if an acquisition of TR hasn’t at least been discussed at Zwift HQ.


Midday - otherwise it is the pranker who is the fool