A Wild idea for Favero Assioma pedals [MTB SPD Hack]

I am wondering if i can use the assioma duo shi with a set of shimano PD-M540. instead of the officially supported road PD-R540?
are there substanctial differences between both pedals which prevent the use of the assioma duo shi?

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For what it’s worth, I happened to notice the other day that the SRM X-Power power meter pedal comes in a flat pedal version.

…Of course, it’s an insane $1500.

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Yup, covered here.

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I think I’d rather buy 20 or so flat pedals and test their bodies for compatibility with the Duo Shi!


Sorry if this has already come up in the thread but just FYI for those of you who go down the Xpedo CXR route.

The ‘oil seal’ on the inside of the axle is too thick on both the xpedo and assioma pedals when you do this swap. The effect of this is that the bearings will bind when you try to tighten the axle nut to 9nm. If you discard the oil seal you will then be able to tighten the nut but the pedal body will come very close to the plastic area at the inside of the axle - a bit too close for my liking!

I ordered some 10mm ID / 15mm OD copper washers (1.5mm thick) and used one on each pedal in place of the oil seal. You can then get the nut tightned up and have the oil seal in place which might hopefully help keep some dirt and muck out of the bearings.


Hi all.

Just to confirm. Do both the M520 and M540. Work with the duo-Shi?

Or is it just the M520 that works?


Update: the reason for the power accuracy was due to the shoe tread partially touching the pod and causing the readings to be a bit off. Snap your shoe onto the pedal and see if there’s clearance. Now I see why GPLama cut his shoe for his conversion.


Anyone want to trade some XT or XTR pedals for my set of M-Force 8 Ti that work with the Assioma hack? I reverted my Assiomas to road and the Xpedos are a little squeaky with my SPD shoes. Shoot me a PM if interested.


Hi Guys,

Interested in this thread. I have been toying with a PM for my MTB for a while, but options are limited. Quarq seems to be the standard, but i have a non-boost older Spz Epic so finding suitable cranks/spiders is hard. Also any future upgrade to newer bike would make that obsolete. Having heard good things about the Assioma, this seems like a good option.

I currently have Shimano XTR PD-M9000 pedals - will these work? or do i need different ones?

Also are people buying the ASSIOMA DUO with the pedal bodies or the ASSIOMA DUO-Shi?

Failing all of that, if anyone in the UK is selling a quarq xx1 BB30 non-bost crank then hit me up LOL

I wouldn’t recommend this hack for “real” mountain biking, due to the risk of striking the pedal pod on a rock. IMO it’s more of a gravel idea. If you mostly ride your Epic on smooth dirt it would probably be fine. You can’t use Shimano pedal bodies: only a few models from Xpedo will work, which means you also need to buy pedals.

In your case I’d go with a Sigeyi AXO spider. It’s under $400 US, so you could buy two of them for the price of Assiomas and Xpedo pedals, and you can still use your XTRs rather than having to get used to a new and likely inferior pedal. If you sell your Epic in the future it might up the value a bit too.

This would be the one if your Epic uses SRAM direct mount chainring cranks:

Thanks for this mate, great to get the real world advice. Yes around here its often rooty and rocky so pedals do get struck from time to time.

This is my chainset SRAM XX1 at SRAM XX1 in San Diego, California, United States - photo by RichardCunningham - Pinkbike

So regardless of what PM i choose for spider based i’m going to need new cranks and a chainring


Is that spider integrated into the crank? It still looks like a separate spider but I could be wrong, not familiar with the old style XX1.

I’ve seen this warning many times, yet I’ve never seen one person say it happened to them. Have you? (Serious question)

I’ve personally never had an issue, but that’s N=1.

Just some scratches on the pod, but my Faveros are back to road now. In addition to worrying about the pedals, hard MTB for me requires a pedal system that I’m used to, and I want to be able to use SPDs. For others maybe that’s flats, or Crankbrothers, or whatever. But nobody is picking Xpedo on purpose!

It’s a great gravel pedal though, aside from the squeaking.

I think you are right actually. I’ve not removed my crank since i bought it, but i think its 3 bolts on the back of the spider.

Regardless, the axo seems a good option rather not void warranties where there is an option not to

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My socket set was from Walmart purchased in January 2022. I believe it was their house brand, Hyper Tough.

Pbase, same for me. I have about 10 hours of mtb use with my hacked pedals with several pedal strikes and no apparent damage or issues so far.


Good evening everyone do you know if the Shimano XT PD-M8100 SPD Pedals are comparable?

Favero Assioma Shi’s work well with my 10 year old PD-M520s.


I got two sets of Assioma Shi Duo. Both sets malfunctioned.

My pedals are Shimano PD-EH500. Bought brand new.

Got a new set of Assioma Shi. Installed smoothly without any problem but Assioma did not work. I contacted Favero. They decided to send me a new set of Assioma Shi. This time, the set worked for one day and failed on the next day. I contacted Favero again and provided as much info as I could. Today they came back saying that I used incompatible pedals so it would not be covered by warranty. I need to pay them to purchase a new set.

All I did was pulling out the original spindles from the pedals and put Assioma Shi in. The fit was 100% perfect.

Symptoms of the first set of Assioma Shi:

After installation, calibration was essentially impossible. Maybe I could get one successful calibration in 50 tries. Even if the calibration worked, power readings would be intermittent and incorrect. When there’s a power reading, it’s way too high like 1000+ watt while I felt I was only doing 100w. Cadence worked fine.

Symptoms of the second set of Assioma Shi:

Calibration worked most of the time. However, cadence and power readings were intermittent and incorrect. When there’s a power reading, it’s too low.

I need a second opinion please. I’ve tried the following:

  1. adding washers to both sides
  2. calibrating successfully many times in a row (including calibrating through my bike computer, Garmin Edge 830)
  3. re-instailling Assioma Shi
  4. converting to Uno, then back to Duo
  5. flashing to the latest firmware, of course

I have exhausted my options except installing them in another set of pedals. I can probably try this. I just don’t feel the official response from Favero makes sense.