A Wild idea for Favero Assioma pedals [MTB SPD Hack]

I‘ve tried it. Just see at my post from today! Have you already tried t yourself?

The Wellgo M19 pedal works with the Assioma hack.

This pedal is a very cheap, both in price and construction. Lots of pressed medal parts.

Pedal body has inside DU bushing rather than bearings (plastic surfaces) and the same outer bearing as the Assioma. I used all the parts from the Wellgo pedal and it spins with no binding.

I’ve not tested the feel yet but as I said - cheap!


Just added the second washer and now I should be fine…thanks for your advice :slight_smile:


The axis as well as the inside of the pedal-body looks very similar to the one from Bontrager.

It’ll function as a press of some kind (like a bearing press) and push the electronics out. Whether it’s softer than the crank arm isn’t the main point, it just needs to be firm enough to shift the pod electronics. At which point, the spindles become useless and you’d need a replacement.

If this happens, calibration won’t work properly, and you also won’t get power readings. If you still do, that’s a good sign, but it might be worthwhile to do the static weight test.

I’ve just added the second washer. So there should be enough space/protection.

The problem occurs when you install it and you don’t pay attention and you apply pressure with the Allen key. If it’s touching, you are applying pressure to the pod and the electronics it contains, just like a bearing press.

The fact that you can apply a spacer afterwards doesn’t mean that you are safe. It’s just FYI, but if there were damage it’s already done. What you should do now is the static weight test to see if the strain gauges work well.

Just to share: works flawlessly with Bontrager Comp SPD pedals (combined with Shimano RX800 shoes: no need to cut anything) :ok_hand:t2:


Thanks for your info, Im going through the same problem right now, I have been using the M4 but after a few rides they always come loose because of the O ring not letting me tight the nut as its needed.
I just read what you did, so whats your experince after not using the O ring? Did it damaged the plastic on the pod? I just tried and it seems that way will tight good enough.


Has anyone tried this with any shimano pedals like the PD-ES600? Saw the post about shimano PD spindle image but that is not confirmed

Not happening. CyclingTips has promising news for you though.
Favero spindle


next layer

Garmin’s solution

Shimano’s body is build around loose balls, the others are cartridge/needle

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ISSI 3 works like a charm! Exact same spindle and bearings as the Assioma. And I was able to fully tighten the internal nut with no Threadlock needed.

And most importantly, the pink is close enough to the frame color to keep me smiling for hours.


I’ve just ordered a pair of Assioma’s that should be here within the next day or two.

I’m planning to use them on road but for occasional XC racing too so will be trying the SPD conversion.

I’ll probably swap back and forth between Road and SPD with it. From what can gather my options are -

M-Force 4 - These don’t appear to be available
M-Force 8 - Available but expensive and there seems to be a lot of poor user reviews.
CXR - Needs locktite and can’t be torqued up without binding so not ideal if swapping back and forth between SPD and Road pedal bodies
Bontrager Comp - I think these are a straight and easy swap
Wellgo M19 - I think these are a straight and easy swap
ISSI Flash 3 - straight easy swap but I’m in the UK so options are limited

Can anyone confirm that the Bontrager and Wellgo pedals can be torqued up without binding and are indeed straight forward and easy to swap over?

Wellgo M19 is 5 minute swap no binding fully torqued

Perfect thanks. Just ordered a pair cheapest I could find was £34 though!

For the CXR/Baldwin, you do not need to use loctite. I recommend against it for multiple reasons - mainly safety.

Best method for these Xpedo pedals is to remove the inside oil retainer / washer. This leaves the inside more susceptible to dirt/water ingress, but the bearings use rubber seals, which should provide some resistance. More importantly, the nut can be properly torqued to ensure the it doesn’t back off.

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This is what I did with my CXRs, no trouble so far. Should probably give them a good clean soon though.

I can confirm Bontrager Comp fit as a straight swap. There doesn’t appear to be any unwanted play. However, the Assioma pedals don’t fit on the Bontrager axles as the bearing inner diameter is too small. This is different to the Xpedo axles which do allow the Assioma body to fit. Not sure why that is the case.

I ended up using the iSSi Flip III pedals so that I can clip in or use the flat platform depending on my ride, works perfectly (other than needing to cut down a portion of my bike shoes). The nut screws on perfectly tight without any loctite or anything needed.