A Time Trialing Thread

Been a lurker for a while on this thread.

QQ - does anyone know if such thing exists…clip on bars for the S-Works Aerofly bars? Thinking of putting the SL7 on some TT runs

That is awesome IMO! Good effort for your first TT

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With that awesome power no reason why, with some more aero gear ,you couldn’t get a very fast 10mile TT time. People here in the UK with fast set-ups on the quick DC courses going sub -20min times on a bit less power than that.


An update on the position changes from last time I posted. I decided to add the spacers back in for now being at this point in the season, I think I’ll be able to make that position sustainable but that’s a job for winter/the build into next year now.

But, carrying over the idea of rotaing the hips forward to flatten out the back and keep the head down easier seems to have led to some massive improvements in estimated CdA/race times. Had my first open 10 mile TT and went 21:00, a 1:01 improvement on my club TT a few weeks previous (although a faster course too) and with a slightly lower avg power. Also had my first 25 of the season this past weekend, pretty fast course but lovely UK spring conditions so very wet out. I went 55:18 with a previous best of 1:00:29 last year. Left plenty left in the tank on that too as I couldn’t see a thing for the first half until I flipped the visor up, exciting to get out in some better conditions and put full race power out!

Images give a good idea of position with head tucked for open road ahead and more visiblility up the road.


Nice job…big improvements.

I think you can definitely work on removing some of the spacers up front to lower your head / shoulders a bit more, but your times certainly indicate that your position is pretty damn fast!


Position looks pretty good to me. Try to do some chung method testing back to back when you do remove spacers. I wouldn’t be sure its going to reduce CdA from what you have, and as you say may just reduce your power output. Even if you can train into the position it may not be worth it


Not specific to the Aerofly bars, but I believe this clips onto the Venge stem, which is the same stem as the SL7 (assuming you have a stock S-Works build).

$300 is extortionate

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Thought you guys might enjoy this. 2011 on a P2 to 2017 on a Shiv

The bottom shot I was trying out trip socks and the newer Giro Aerohead helmet. Am a huge fan of the Advantage 2 still and have kept it. The biggest difference in that time period was I dropped 15 pounds (145 to 130) and had added 10-15 watts to FTP. That was a lot of work and food weighing :slight_smile:

The Cervelo is a P2. I later moved to a P3 with the Oval fork. Same position though. It was tuned at A2 Windtunnel and was pretty slippery. The Shiv is very close. I planned to play around with moving the hands up some more and have an AXS kit for the bike. But admit I kinda lost interest with fiddling around for the last couple years.

Anywhooo… TT pictures. Enjoy.


100mile TT in 3:51 / 26mph off 260w. Rode it conservatively as trialling IM pacing strategies. Minimal neck pain but holy shit did my delts hurt after some time.


Dayum, son…very impressive!

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Real world position opinions?

First TT a few days ago. Fairly happy with the side on shot - happy with my back - but think I could get my head lower.

Front on not so much, it’s been suggested I should angle the extensions closer together.


I think you just need to look down more, cant see where you are going so much, but glancing up now and then is fine.

Looking at the front on shot, can’t see how bringing your arms closer together would change much. You are already rolling in your shoulders, and it doesn’t look like you could do it much more? The obvious thing to reduce frontal area is bringing your head down.

You’ll risk getting DQ’d for head down riding in CTT events in the UK.

Really solid position…good reach, flat back.

I’d see if you can reduce your pad stack a bit, which will help get your back a little more level.

But you nailed the big opportunity - your head. Work on “turtleling” your head / shrugging your shoulders.

For me, I like to think about collapsing my shoulder blades together on my back. Your shoulder now are fairly rounded. If you roll your shoulder blades back / collapse them, that will lower your head to be more in line with your body.

Some people like to think of pulling their head back into their shoulders (turtleling).

Try different options and see which works for you…I prefer the shoulder blade option because it also forces me to relax my upper body, where turtleling creates more tension for me.

Very individual…

Thanks for the guidance all.

I’m a bit disappointed though because i clocked a fairly average time and was hoping that my position sucked!!!

Need to train (or modify) that position though, my garmin decided to inform me that my ftp dropped 20 watts after the ride…

Also, how much time do you think a skinsuit would save me over a 10 mile TT?

My jersey is pretty tight but it does bunch up round the shoulders.

I’ve also got a piece of string I could do with knowing the length off…

If I’ve done my sums right on this review How much time can aero kit save? | Cyclist a skin suit is saving .8% of a 2min 32 s (0.93mile) lap on the Hillindon circuit, which is about 1 sec. Times that’s roughly by 10miles a skinsuit on a TT will save you around 10s.