Let’s see some Tri/TT rigs

Just finished a full re-cable and custom cable route on my Cannondale Slice, love how it turned out. There is something about a race ready TT bike that I really love! I know this is a humble build (just about to finish pharmacy school) but I think it has turned out pretty awesome!

Primary focus this year is Sprint/Olympic Tri’s with a Half Ironman next May.

Let’s see some TT/Tri Builds!!


Technically someone else’s build as I bought it second hand, but here’s my new BMC TimeMachine TM02. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to ride her properly yet. First Tri in May!


Sweet rig! BMC is one of those brands I really like but don’t see too many of. Good luck in your race, seeing as how we are in a TR forum you are going about things right!

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Looks good, I used ti have the same bike.

Not my most aero moment going up a short hill, but… older Cervelo P3C, ultegra/Duraace mix, vision TT bar, Zipp 606.


I’ll join in!

I’m on a 2012 Felt B16. Again, not much to look at perhaps, but it was good enough to take to 4th best bike split at nationals last year.
The front wheel has since been upgraded to a Flo 60, and I’m currently in the hunt for an affordable rear disc!
I documented my mission to ride fast workout spending a fortune on it at:



I like the Slice. Super simple and clean looking :+1:

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This is from a couple of years ago now but is mainly the same now. The changes since then have been moving to an etap electronic groupset from the Campagnolo mechanical 11 speed and a Tririg Omega front brake. I’ve also got the aero bars angled 15 degrees upwards with a 3d printed wedge.


Nice ride! I’ve never come across ADR before, is it a UK brand or import?

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It’s a UK company but use I think open mold imported frames to brand up. The frame cost arounf £700 maybe 4 years ago now so decent value.

This is mine (currently running fixed at 54x16):

Old 531 frame resprayed, track cranks and wheels (secondhand) with an aero cover. Profile Design Fast Forward seatpost allows me to get really forwards, the bars are 3TTT and the aero bars are Profile Design (again).
My blog (includes videos on the turbo and how I put the wheel cover on) is here: https://fixedtting.home.blog/


Love the old school, cheap and effective fixie. Would not dare ride one myself in a TT, even though I haxe a little track experience. Completely different game. Goodness knows how you handle short sharp hills and long fast descents with the wind behind you. I admire you for doing this.

Been like this since I got it… One day I’ll get some wheels to really spruce it up… And may swap out/update the crank and deralleaurs to a R8000.


My TT rig for this season, still undecided on the qrings, might change back to round ones before my race


My TT bike for this year:

Dedacciai Flash 2, Sram Force gruppo (may switch to Red eTap 11sp next month), FFWD rear disc with custom team graphics, FFWD F6R front. Rolling on Vittoria Corsa tyres. Aerocoach align arm rests. I’m currently in the process of figuring out how to custom make some 20mm extensions with a higher rise to bring my hands up higher and close off the space between my head and chest a bit. I’m tall (not quite @Nate_Pearson tall, but 195cm) so i’m struggling a bit to get the optimal fit dialled in…


Picking the course so it’s pretty flat really helps. Also, being slow enough that I’m not going that fast! :wink:
I used this bike with different bars on a couple of hillclimbs last year and hit 150rpm down the descents - that was pretty sketchy. I definitely can’t spin that fast on the aero bars, then again, at that rpm with 54x16 I’d be doing almost 40mph! I think I’d be using my brakes before then. If I can hit 110rpm on a flatish course I’ll be very happy indeed!

I’m much more concerned about the crowd behind the bike than the bike itself. Please tell us that picture was taken far, far away from your home?


Haha, don’t worry! It was taken before a duathlon last year. Absolutely no gnomes in my garden!!

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My Giant Trinity


She is a beauty!! What saddle are you running there?