A shout out to my wife for the cyclist-rescue today

Anyone else ever have to make “That” call?

20 miles from home: puncture and tyre split, can’t fix it, out of CO2. You know the wife ain’t gonna like it but you weigh up the alternative of a 20 mile walk in cycling shoes, so you make the call and she comes and gets you.

Thanks babe!


Last year on a local shop ride on of my riding partners got ill almost past out at the first stop. We were a 30 minutes drive from my house. The wife had to bring my pick up she hates driving my truck. But she did it like a trooper. I think it was because she is friends with the girl who got sick.

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I have made the call! The spouse is a great resource for that. Great relationships happen because those calls go both ways. Our healthy attitude is what grows the relationships. :slight_smile:


I’ve known my wife almost 9 years. I have had to call twice, both within 1 or 2 months. First time, I had to call as I had a flat and had forgotten to replace the saddle bag (it was on the other bike). The second time, I had to call the wife 5 miles from home. Rear disk brake seized on the mtb. (That brake went away that night!)

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I want someone to invent a cool bike bag that carries my trainers so I can swap shoes, shoulder the bike and run home.

Yes, I’m too scared to make ‘that’ call!


I had to make that call on our wedding day :smiley: while my wife was at the hair dresser I had 3 hours to kill, so I went for a MTB ride. 10km away from home (I was already on my way back) my chain broke. I had to call her to fetch me - her only comment was: “I knew something would happen, I am just glad I didn’t have to pick you up from the hospital”. We got married that day - only 5 minutes late from schedule.
Still totally happy with her five years and 3 kids later (one born in the car).


Two other options – if you are in the US and have AAA, you can get 1 pick up a year for a bike mechanical. Also, there is always Uber.


timing chain (or belt) break?

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Non native speaker here, not sure if I get the question right. My second born was born inside my car, halfway driving to the hospital. Drive normally takes less than 10 minutes, but from the first “that feels a little bit weird” to “baby is born” it took less than 1,5 hours. When my wife had the little guy in his hands, we took some pictures, and drove the rest of the way to the hospital.


Yeah i made that call on saturday! Stopped at the roadside to tighten a creaking wheel skewer and stripped the axle threads clean off! Luckily i was only a couple of miles from home

I was referring to the timing belt (older cars had chains) in the car’s engine. Sort of like your bike on your wedding day.

Yes. Made that call twice. Luckily she promised in her wedding vows to rescue me from such situations so all is good :wink:

First time I had a rear mech shoved into the spokes snapping several while going downhill at a rate of knots. Maybe 15 minutes from home.

Second time a gp4000 got properly mangled by some debris that I couldn’t find so it was much easier call for rescue than waste tubes. About 10 minutes from home fortunately.

I too have had to make the call of shame a few times… twice to the wife and another to a good friend when she was out of town :man_facepalming:

Calling for a mechanical is way better than calling for an injury. I broke my scapula in a big way on a ride and my friend called the wife for me. When she saw his name on caller ID instead of mine, she answered the phone “Oh shit. What’s happened?” That was a fun day in the ER.

Ten months later I broke my clavicle in a race. I’d carpooled with a friend and this time had to make the call myself. “Honey, how are you? Good. Kids OK? Great. Say, the race didn’t go so well. Can you come out and drive me to the ER?”


I have made the call twice. Once for a broken spoke and more recently for a dislocated/broken shoulder. I’m getting lots of grief for the second one!

They’re called SPD’s[quote=“JoeX, post:5, topic:14967, full:true”]
I want someone to invent a cool bike bag that carries my trainers so I can swap shoes, shoulder the bike and run home.

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Luck for me, my good lady wife rides too, so the calls go both ways. I’ve also had to call my dad and friends on occasions. Those have lead to expensive nights in the pub :joy:


I have with, fortunately, no injury to myself.

My first ride on brand new tires, there was evidently a manufacturing defect on this particular tire because the entire bead fell apart after about 15km. She makes fun of me for it, but there wasn’t much I could do.

Oh my, life is weird. I frequently think about the “2” times I’ve had to call my wife. Only twice in 20+ years. One situation was like yours…too many flats and nothing to make a repair. The bad part was I was 97 miles into a 100 mile ride; 3 miles from home… and cu pow goes the rear tire! She was glad to come and get me. It really was the first time she was able to see exactly where I was due to Garmin’s Livetrack feature; one of the reasons why I purposed it. The other time I had to call was my mistake in mistiming sundown and I was miles from home with no lights. I guess we’re thankful to have supportive women on our side.

More than once. However, I have received a call from her on more than one occasion.