Trainer setup with second work-related household

Hi all,

I am soon starting a new position roughly a 4,5 hour drive from where we live now. The plan for at least 1-2 years will be me renting a small apartment there and driving back for the weekend. I was wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation and how you cope with training?

I will probably build up a second road bike so that I have one on each location and was wondering if I should also get a second trainer or move it back and forth.

Furthermore probably I should move the longer rides during the week, since I don’t want them to eat too much into the weekend family time. Any ideas about that?

Pre pandemic I was in a fairly similar situation. Spent about 2-3 weeks a month travelling to the same place, although I was flying. I had a trainer (and was planning on eventually a bike) I would leave in the office there and bring to my hotel to use. The hours I had to be at the plant didn’t really allow for super long workouts (2+ hours) so I used the time to catch up on PT work and recovery. I also made sure to plan ahead what I would eat from where (hotel had good oats, grocery store salad bar lunch, and something ala chipotle for dinner). Also i wouldn’t discount the stress of driving that far twice a week. Not sure how you handle it, but took me a little while to adjust to being able to get a good workout in the morning after flying.

I typically travelled alone, and if I wasn’t it was usually with people on similar travel schedules so no one really cared to go nuts, maybe a casual drink in the hotel lobby after dinner.

Having done the weekly travel thing… you need to remember the second location can suddenly disappear. I wouldn’t leave anything more than a box or two you can have anyone local mail - ideally with a UPS Shipping label ready to go on box.

Most gyms have a spin bike with a Stages PM.

If you have a smart trainer, you’re not going to be happy with anything under $500 as far as trainers go, but a used wheel-on smart trainer will re-sell well. A 2nd bike is nice to have in any case and is a good excuse to slowly build up a gravel bike or something - plus you can use it for actual road riding.
If you want something in your apt that’s less messy and cheaper, I’d get a used spin bike ($250) and buy a spin bike PM or power pedals. When you leave, either sell or abandon the spin bike and sell the PM.

Thanks for the responses!

I think it is quite unlikely that the second location disappears. The plan is that it should become the first location in 1-2 years time, once some things are taken care of and the rest of the family can follow…

I definitely have to see how I cope with so much driving. I will check for gyms with bikes with power meters in the area! Alternatively I was thinking maybe some power rollers for one location and my kickr core on the other.

I did this for many years. Here is the recipe that worked for me:

  1. Two of everything. Keep a trainer bike at the new location along with a trainer. Mine never came off the trainer. Keep extra kit in the new location too.
  2. Re-align your training. Since I was away from my family Mon-Thur, I settled for a single outdoor ride on Saturdays. The rest of the hard training was done while I was away. Monday - hardest, Tue - moderate, Wed - challenging, Thur - 30-min quickie if I could squeeze it in. I’d average 300+ tss while I was away.
  3. Understand that you will not be winning the TDF during this period. If you stay focused, you will be able to hang with the A-Group on that Saturday morning ride.
  4. Make your TR rides during the week a highlight of the day. I’d do mine after work. It gave me something to look forward to and then I didn’t feel guilty watching TV the rest of the night.

Good luck! This is totally doable.

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