A Different Way to Build Training Plans

Having recently completed Polarized Base & Build, I need to put another plan in place but I’m struggling to find a schedule and style that matches well with the way I like to ride. This got me thinking about how nice it would be to be able to select the days I want to train along with the length, intensity, indoors or outdoors, and style of riding, then let the AI work its magic.

For example:
M - off
T - 90-120min Z1/2 /outdoors
W - 60-120min Intervals /indoors or outdoors
T - 90-120min Z1/2 /outdoors
F - recovery or off /indoors
S - 3-5hr group ride /outdoors
S - 2+hr XC MTB /outdoors

I realize this is not too different than some of the existing plans but I struggle with how to work in my longer weekend rides. I’m also finding that as a Masters athlete, just 1 or 2 intense sessions per week seem to work best for me.

Anyways, just a thought… maybe it’s been discussed before and likely that these challenges will be eliminated with AT v2 (or whatever it’s called) that will analyze outdoor rides.

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There are tons of us asking for this. Nate has said it’s coming in the future.


Some fun reading


To add to @Pbase’s posts: scoring of unstructured outdoor rides is as far as I understand at the top of TR’s priority list. When AT was first revealed Nate said that they had planned to release it alongside, but it wasn’t good enough yet. More flexible training plans is scheduled after that. So I wouldn’t expect both to be released at the same time.

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