Feature request: Time limit options in plan builder

For life reasons (work + studying take a good bunch of time) I’m time-limited each day to ~60 minutes max but have this time free most days, with the added plan builder tool it would be nice to say limit all workouts to X minutes for Y days a week.

I’d like my plan to have 4 or 5 days a week but them all be a bit shorter/have a set time limit. I just feel it would allow flexibility to build plans around not only my goals but also the limitations of life, clearly this wouldn’t give the improvements that doing lots of 90 or 120-minute workouts but would give users better flexibility to fit into circumstances.


+1 to this.

I can do 5 days a week for mid volume but when it comes to those days I may not be able to find/make the time to do a 90 minute on Tuesday/Thursday. It was somewhat of a shock going from SSB2 to the build plans and suddenly seeing 90 minutes for the first and third workouts of the week and having the go through and find suitable replacements, some of which don’t have a direct -1ish equivalent (Ansel adams +4 and kaiser +4 I’m looking at you). This also goes for the 2 hour Sunday ride which I am unable and unwilling to do thanks to family obligations. It would be a great feature to have the shorter workouts picked with coach chad’s blessing, considering he may pick something different or structure the workout differently if he knows there’s only 60-75 minutes to work with on a given day. Easier said than done but I would super appreciate a feature like this.


Thanks for the suggestion @firemunki! It seems like we share a similar vision :grinning: .

This type of customization represents a huge development challenge though, and is not something that will be possible overnight. We plan to continually improve and enhance the Plan Builder over the next few years until it becomes the optimal tool we know it can be :+1:.


I’m glad I searched before posting a very similar request! For life reasons I’m moving to a schedule similar to what @Jonathan noted he follows (5 days straight during weekdays - the only variant is I’m moving the 2hr Sun workout to Sat and putting a filler easy 60min in on Fri - so Hard/Hard/Easy/Hard/Easy/Long/Rest). The issue is that on the MV plan implemented by Plan Builder, two of the weekday workouts default to 90min, while my pre-work routine allows for 75min tops. Luckily there are 75min versions of most (maybe all) of the workouts I need - but that means right now I’m manually going through my schedule and changing them. I can imagine the code infrastructure makes this difficult to implement - but hope to see it in place one day! Thanks for all the work guys!

Perhaps an option that would take less development would be while in the plan creation phase. Once plan builder recommends my plan, give me the option to let me select a “minus version” of my plan. Essentially a single checkbox on the screen that then tells plan builder to substitute all recommended workouts with their -2 variant (or something to that effect.)

This will give me the ability to take the plan and scale it back across the board when I am time crunched, sleep deprived, or just want to maintain fitness rather than grow it aggressively.

I know this would not always shorten the workouts in the same way as not all minus 1 or minus 2 workouts are the same length, but it is a good alternative

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Just a bump for update/news/likelihood sorta thing since I’ve just used plan builder (thread about alerts prompted me to try it again) to get me booked up until Xmas and now have to go through ~4 months worth of 90 and 120 minute sessions and edit them to fit into life.

Hey! I’m the ‘new Bryce’ :rofl:

We are working on a handful of Plan Builder updates that will roll out as soon as we can iron out all the wrinkles! I’m not sure if this precise request will be a part of the next immediate update, but I will bump to our team that selecting a time limit for rides is being requested. Thanks!


Hi ‘New Bryce’!

Awsome stuff, one of those little tweeks which I can see making it much more accessible, and customisable yet still structured since I know when I don’t know enough to build a good plan!

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