A couple TR general software questions...from a new user

Extending rides:
If I wanted to extend a training ride, do I tap the “extend ride” notification on the screen near the end of the ride? If so, is it a set time or unlimited time?

Back pedaling:
I noticed the coach mentions backpedaling during the training ride, so out of curiosity, I tried backpedaling, but the timer/ride stopped. I assume that because I have it set to start when pedaling, it won’t allow me to back pedal while keeping the timer going, correct? If I ever decided to do this, what setting would I change too?

Instructional Text while riding:
Today while doing the Mount Goode training ride, there were no instructional text. I checked the settings and “instructional text” is enabled and has always been enabled. This has never happened before. What could be the problem?

Thanks for any insight…Al

Go into Settings and you can alter this setting to your preference.

Not all workouts have instructions. You can look at the workout on the web or the app and see if it had them or not.


Well I’ll be. This is the 1st workout that never had instructions. I glossed right over that because I assume they all had instructional text. Thanks for the other tips, too.