Feature change request - Warmup/Cooldown text

I appreciate the option to easily extend my ride with a warmup or cooldown, but for me, that button is in a really bad spot.
I ride with the “minimal” window so I can watch YouTube or browse while riding and the text box covers the lower quarter of the videos. There is still half a toolbar at the bottom of the TR app sitting empty. Would it be possible to move it down there instead? Maybe you could make it flash or something to ensure it’s visible to whomever wants to use it.
I’m loving everything else! I enjoy the calendar, the forum, the overall training plans and watch the TrainerRoad podcasts on YouTube every week! Thanks for making such a great, well-rounded product and for being so responsive guys!


I mentioned this when I was using it in Beta. I also really appreciate it’s there but I agree there’s no reason it can’t be small like the intensity changing option IMO.

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+1 Had the same thoughts–lots of room at the bottom when in minimal mode.

Bump - @Nate_Pearson?

Any thoughts on this?

It is driving me insane…please get rid of it!!!


Were changing it, it’s being worked on now and should get out soon.

It will live in the toolbar for now on.


Awesome, thanks a lot Nate!

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Awesome, I just had the same request after completing my workout tonight. Great to have it on the toolbar !!! This makes so much more sense :+1:.

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Seeing you willingly make these little changes are some of what makes TR so exceptional. It just keeps getting better. Thanks Nate


It is also driving me crazy…longtime TR user

We’ve updated this, make sure you’re on the latest version of TR which you can get at www.trainerroad.com/download (but it should auto-update for you).

I did that and it works awesome, Thanks!