+70w and a Bucket List Ride with Octavio Flores Quintero – Successful Athletes Podcast 34

Octavio Flores Quintero used TrainerRoad to raise his FTP by 70 watts and prepare for Vallartazo – an absolute dream ride from the high mountains of Western Mexico to the coastal paradise of Puerto Vallarta. Learn how Octavio trained for this event, including how he raised his FTP and improved at VO2 Max intervals, plus how he prepared for and executed a multi-day event and much more in Episode 34 of the Successful Athletes Podcast.

Octavio's Episode

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Octavio’s background
  • Mexican cycling culture and the MTB and road cycling scene in Guadalajara
  • What it takes to ride Vallartazo
  • What training plan Octavio followed for a multi-day bikepacking event
  • How Octavio raised his FTP from 135-203
  • How Octavio got better at VO2 Max intervals
  • Tips and insight into Vallartazo and other multi-day MTB events
  • How Octavio plans to pivot to triathlon

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Another great listen and I def was thinking it must be nice and warm there right now, not the bitter cold of where I am :frowning:

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Thanks, Octavio. Your enthusiam was infectious! Way to crush it.


Octavio, gracias! Soy Mexico Americano (1era generación) viviendo en la área bahía de San Francisco, California. Mi familia es de Acambaro, Guanajuato. En estos lados, no tengo ningún amigo Mexicano que le gusta el ciclismo. Me da gusto tu entrevista!

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