+70% FTP, Sub 10 IM and Crit Racing with Joe Byrne – Successful Athletes Podcast 26

@joebyrne100 used TrainerRoad to raise his FTP by 70% and log an incredible sub-10 IRONMAN time in terrible conditions, then he changed gears to try something new. Joe is now working his way up the road race classification system in Ireland and proving you don’t need a huge FTP to be successful.

Tune in to Episode 26 today at 8:00am Pacific to listen to one of the most detailed break downs we’ve had so far on the Successful Athletes Podcast!

Joe's Episode Premiere:

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • How Joe broke 10 hours at a full-distance IRONMAN
  • Making equipment changes for windy conditions
  • What depth wheels to use in the wind
  • How training differs for different triathlon events
  • Why Joe changed to road cycling
  • What Joe learned during his first road race
  • How to race without a big FTP

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Hey @joebyrne100 thanks for sharing your story and great results, we seem to get a fair few people doing well at the pointy end on full distance low volume plus an outdoor ride.

If I understood correctly you did very well at sprint and olympic distance before going long at the Outlaw - did you do much at middle distance?

A lot of people on the forums ask about modifying the plan for the other disciplnes, so can I ask what your swim and run training was like?

And if you do decide to commit to the Kona attempt you’re welcome on the Ironman training thread 2021 :wink:

@joebyrne100 there seemed to be sleigh bells in the background of the call? Are you really santa?

Outlaw isn’t an easy course and that certainly wasn’t an easy day.

@Jonathan you boys should bin off the idea of an IM branded race, support one of the smaller brands and come over and do Outlaw because the organisers are great people who put on an amazing race.

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@joebyrne100 could relate to alot of that podcast. Coming from duathlon with similar bike stats I had done some club and A4 racing in 2019 and got royally spanked so Kudos on the A3 upgrade. The 3 day race you mentioned was that A4 only event?

It was the Charleville 3 day race down in Cork. Separate A4 race but was run alongside a combined A2/A3 race. Same course for both but we had our own race. Great event, bit of everything on the course.

@JoeX Not too much middle distance to be honest, I done the Outlaw half a few years before and finished around 4.35 I think. One other attempt at middle and the handlebars of my bike fell apart so never finished. Plenty of Olympic and sprints tho, about 5 years of racing them.

Swim training was about twice a week, one hour a session. I swam with 2 other lads who would be very good triathletes so I was always working in the water. I don’t come from a swim background, actually come from a white water kayaking background, but am very comfortable in the water so I think that helped on the day with the conditions. I ran 5 times a week, brick every Sat off the long bike, usually bit of effort within this, and at least 50 mins or so. Sunday was long run, at least 2hrs and always easy. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I ran as well. Usually between 45 mins to 1hr. Mainly easy running but some half marathon/10km efforts on the Wednesday usually. Worked off a 4 week block so every 4th week on my easy week I’d take Monday off. Used HR for running and just kept it easy. Seen my easy pace running go from around 5.10min/km to 4.35min per/km just before the race.

Kona is a while off! I would love to come back to tri at some stage and def will. I think you can still compete in tri when your a little older where I’m not sure you can as much in cycling. Will give cycling a go for a few years and then, hopefully, make my triumphant return to triathlon :joy:


Cheers for your contribution to the podcast. I did the Outlaw the same year as you and conditions were pretty spicy for sure. I remember going over to check my bike and all the folk running disc wheels had warning notices attached to their bikes :joy:

As @Simo429 says Outlaw is a great race, the campsite right beside event centre is a superb part of it and makes it so straightforward. I won an entry to Swedeman next year through a virtual event and can confirm preparing to go abroad to race is stressful, getting the bike from Inverness to Trondheim and back is £100 on its own which is probably what it cost me in fuel for return trip to Nottingham and back… Hope 2021 is a better year for the Outlaw organisers and they finally get some decent weather after 2018 and the cancelled bike in 2019!

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Not listened yet, but pretty sure you are talking about 2018… I was one of the ‘brave’ souls with a 95mm front and rear disc. And a note that strongly advised me to change wheels…

For those of us that stayed upright that day, I actually think the run was helped by having to go steady on the bike. That was certainly the case for me as I had limited run training that year. The slow bike didn’t really help with my result as the bike was (and still is) my strength having just got back to running properly this year. I couldn’t run down the two guys ahead of me in my AG as much as I wanted to!

Anyway, congrats on the gains. Very solid. If you do outlaw again throw a post up on here. I won’t be doing it this year as I’m looking for KQ at Mallorca but may enter the relay with a few local pro friends as a training day.

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