55+ setting shorter training cycles

As a 56 yrs old Triathlete I’ve found the 3 week on 1 week recovery gets to much as the year progresses and illness and injury generally follow .
I’ve found that 2 weeks on 1 week recovery suits me more Is there a way to set up Trainer road plan to this cycle .
It may also be that my volume was to high on the previous plan (Not a TR plan)
I’m planning on using the the triathlon full distance low volume plan with adaptive training for my Ironman Wales race sept 2023

  • No, there is no simple way to alter the work/recovery week pattern within TR.

I used to apply the following modifications, but removal of tools has complicated that process.

My current use is following TR via Adaptive Training and despite a similar concern based upon my successful use of my modified plans, have been through a number of training cycles with good results. Could be worth a try since it sounds like you have not used that combo before.

  • Outside of that, you might be able to hack your own tweaks, but there is no easy tool for it in TR at this time.
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It would be nice to have a “masters” plan for those of us who need a bit more recovery when it comes to the hard stuff. Not sure if it is possible but could you put those weeks as “time off” when making your plan?

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You can always try a low or mid volume plan, delete one workout and replace with endurance. With the mid volume you could do the same and also replace the Sunday sweet spot workout with endurance. I’m not 55+ but it’s okay to not follow the plan completely, it will still adapt workouts from the workouts you have done. I do this some times if I have a lot of life/ work stress.
I know you asking for a 2 weeks on and 1 off and that I don’t have any advice. Except maybe mess around with train now for 2 weeks with 2-3 hard workouts and the rest endurance. Then take a rest week.

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