5 weeks until endurance mtb race

Due to work and family commitments, it looks as though I won’t be able to race any cyclocross in November at all. Essentially ending my cyclocross season. There is however a 6 hour endurance mountain bike race I am considering at the end of November. I would be halfway through cyclocross specialty at that point of my last cyclocross race in late October and would have 5 weeks until the endurance race. The course is a relatively flat 10 mile loop of singletrack with a few short punchy climbs that I would ideally do 6-7 times within the allotted time.

Would I be best served doing 4 weeks of a rebuild or switching over to 4 weeks of Cross-Country Marathon MTB Specialty? The 5th week would be a rest/taper week.

Did you do SSB and a full build?

Yes, SSB and Short Power Build completed.

I would switch over to XCM Specialty. The last 2 weeks of XCM are taper weeks leading to your A race. So , adjust the remaining 3 weeks to accommodate that. Possibly doing weeks 4-8 of XCM.


Thank you, I was leaning towards this and just needed some validation! But of course am open to anyone elses suggestions.

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