Crank arm power meter clearance on Madone?

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I was wondering if anyone has experience with non drive-side powermeter clearance (perhaps the pioneers or stages) on the Madone SLR?

My friend recently got a new Emonda and has slight rubbing with his 4iiiii.

My Madone is on it’s way and I’m worried about the pioneer I wanted to get.


when i bought my checkpoint last october there was barely enough clearance for the stock ultegra r8000 crank arm. there was no way a stages ultegra arm would fit. i had a xtr stages arm laying around and it fit with room to spare. it may bump out the q-factor but has never been an issue mechanically or on my knees.

  • How does a Checkpoint have anything to do with a Madone?
  • The Checkpoint is Trek’s gravel bike and fits up to a up to a 700 x 45c tire. That has nothing to do with the Madone that tops out at around 700 x 28c (stock with 25c). The clearance issues are likely very different because of the tires.

were talking crankarm clearance not tire clearance. i was sharing a trek anecdote.

thanks chad

Of course we are talking crank to chainstay clearance.

But you must recognize that crank arm to chainstay clearance is VERY related to available tire size.
That’s because the chainstays will almost certainly be spaced wider to fit wider tires.

Therefore, the outside position of that chainstay will be wider to accommodate the wider wires.

  • Main point being that comparing a narrow road bike to a wide gravel bike for clearance is nearly as misleading as including a MTB in the mix. They have little if anything in common.

Get some power pedals instead ? No issue with clearance :wink:

I have an 2017 Emonda SLR and have no issues with the battery compartment on my Gen3 Stages clearing the chainstay. No experience with the Madone.


2017 Madone no issue with gen2 Stages PM,


This just got posted in the users’ bike thread.

It looks like a left-side PM installed, so I messaged the owner to see if that is really true, and any details they can add.

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Hey guys. I don’t have a good pic to show the clearance on my Madone, but I did swap to a pioneer single sided and the clearance was VERY close with the pioneer pod without any spacers. Uncomfortably close. I added a crank spacer and got better clearance, still not a ton, but probably a few MM and haven’t had any issues with all kinds of efforts both on the trainer and on the road. I’ll try and remember to grab some pics tonight and post them up here.


I don’t have a Pioneer, but I did put a Stages left sided on my 2019 Madone SLR6 and I don’t have any problem with clearance. No spacers, either. It’s probably real tight but it fits.

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You are amazing sir, thank you!


Such a great community on here! That would be amazing! Thank you!


2016 Emonda SLR with stages. No issues either.

Here you go, this is with a 1mm bottom bracket space. Has a touch over 1mm of clearance.


If I may chime in… trek is known for having their chainstays pretty wide near the bottom bracket.
On a previous bike of mine (Trek Emonda SL) I had to use a couple spacers (total of 1mm) on the non-drive side of the spindle to get enough clearance for my pioneer.

You want to get the .5mm pack

Also check out this spreadsheet from Pioneer for exact Trek model clearance and spacers…

Hope that helps :+1:t3:


Not personally but a friend of mine had issues with the non drive side stages he was using. Not enough clearance it seems.

I have Madone 9.5 with dual side Pioneer installed. Using for 2 years now without any issues. There is a Trek compatibility chart on Pioneer’s web site. Madone and most of models has zero issues.

I am one happy Pioneer user


I have a 2019 Madone SLR on order and was just looking into getting a Stages or 4iiii - anyone got a shot of the clearance on either of those makes?