Cervello P3 Power meter rubbing on chain stay

Hi All, hopefully someone can provide some first hand experience and advise.

I have a Pioneer NDS (crank arm) power meter, I’ve just gone to switch it off my road bike and on to my 2018 Cervello P3.

Unfortunately the PM section rubs directly on the chain stay, what options do I have?

  1. is it possible to install additional spacers between the BB and crank arm without throwing everything out?

  2. Give up on the Pioneer power meter and start again with a new PM. If so any first hand experience of which crank arm power meters will fit my bike?

  3. Give up with crank arm power meters all together and go with PM pedals (I’d prefer a crank arm)

I have a Pioneer Dual-Side PM on my Cervelo P3 and I had to install shims on both sides to prevent the crank arms from rubbing on the chainstays. I contacted Pioneer support, which is great BTW, and they also sent me, free of charge, a flat Battery door for the left side crank since mine had an older model which was curved. Clearance will be tight but it will work.

Thanks I think even with spacers there would be enough space for the magnet/pick up and the PM, do you have a photo of your set up? Thanks.

With the newer firmware, not sure on which Revision, better ask Pioneer Support, you don’t need the magnets attached to the frame anymore to calculate cadence.
Unfortunately, I don’t have my bike with me right now, with a mechanic, to take a picture.

Cool thanks Alex, I don’t think i have as much room as you with the standard Ultegra cranks but prob is space for a shim and no magnet.

Out of interest does anyone have a crank arm power meter on their P3 that does fit without shims? (Thinking of leaving the Pioneer on my roadie)

I have around 4-5mm clearance between chain stay and standard Ultegra crank arm on the P3, and most manufactures seem to recommend at least 10mm.