Does a 4iiii left sided crank fit on the Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1?

Looking at buying the TCR frame but have had issues with clearance of power meter on chain stays in the past. Does anyone know if there is sufficient clearance?

My 4iiii Precision (105 crank) fits fine with plenty of clearance on my 2022 TCR Advanced 2 Pro Compact. Not sure if the ‘Advanced Pro’ has much of a frame difference to my standard ‘Advanced’ though.

If you have a local bike shop nearby with the Advanced Pro in stock you could always take a AAA battery and do this test:

If you’re struggling, the new 4iiii Precision 3 model has a much slimmer pod but GPLama has had some issues with this new model you should be aware of: 4iiii PRECISION 3 Power Meter: Details // Data // Review 🚲⚡️📈 - YouTube