4iiii 105 Power Meter on Small Ultimate CF SL 7.0?

Hello Guys

I think I made a small boo boo…….

I have purchased a canyon ultimate CF SL 7.0 in size small
Which I am very happy about…. Coming in a week or so

I also purchased Left Hand Crank with 4iiii 105 R7000 Black coming a few days

I don’t know if it will fit , has anyone else got it to fit?

I have read if I need more space I can use a spacer. what type of spacer would I need? what would adding a spacer do also ?

You’ll need 1.5mm or 2 mm worth of spacers under the PM crank arm. Something like these…

I ran into this on my Endurace and it worked perfectly. I might have a few kicking around. If you’re in the US and want me to send a few, send me a PM.

I’ve had great luck with the 4iiii power meters…I’m sure you’ll love this set up.


Hi frank

Ok cool seems like a plan.
Cheers for your offer but i’m in Ireland.

Would these be ok 24mm spacer pack

Also would you be able to take a pic of the spacer installed on the bike. I don’t really know where it would go

Those should work…they go on the spindle before you put the crank back on. I ended up selling that bike so I don’t have a good way to get a picture. Hopefully this helps.

I don’t think you’ll use the dust seal with the stock bottom bracket, but this shows where the spacers fit too. You should only need them on the side with the power meter.


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I have canyon endurace cf sl 7.0 size XS and I’ve put 2x1mm of these:
no spacers would rub, 1mm would be just barely enough, so I went with 2mm to have some clearance and all works great.
Don’t forget to adjust your cleats after you put spacers on

I have a medium frame and it just about fits. Unfortunately I got some dirt in between on a muddy ride and now there’s scratches. So go with the spacer :wink:

Thanks for this, the power meter has come , just waiting on the bike :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: , ill post pics for other people when I test it out

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Would you have a picture? is it an ultimate or Endurace? what year also?

Right so guys

I have added the new crank to my new bike .

It didn’t touch , it’s close but I think it’s ok .

What do you think ?

I’m still waiting for the spacers

This actually looks fine, there shouldn’t be any rubbing.


On my Ultimate 2017 Stages just works with no spacers and what I can see on your picture it should just works without them.

Late to the party here. I bought one in 2020. Great deal, £180 delivered. Its on winter bike, giant propel. Not used very often, but I was replacing the battery and I discovered how much more prominent the 4iiii crank was vs the normal. So I assume this came pre installed in factory.

I changed the bb a few months ago and I was able to knock this spacer off. Upon seeing this thread I shat myself. But it’s not even close on my giant, I assume it’s only on certain bikes.

Looks fine to me… maybe add a bit of clear frame protector just in case.