4 week raceprep - which plan / workouts?

Hi all,

Now that the days are getting shorter again I signed up for trainer road. Main reason is a structured training in preparation of the 2020 season. Starting mid-october I will go through the full base-build-specialty cycle.

Before shifting the focus on 2020 there are a few weeks left in the 2019 season and I will do a flat 130 km race in early october - this leaves me 4 weeks to prepare for the race including the taper. Any suggestions how I can use this time best under the following preconditions?

I can handle 400 - 500 TSS per week, 6-8 hours of training per week, with 2-3 weekday sessions on the trainer and 1 or 2 longer rides on the weekend (outside if weather permits). I was on vacation the last 3 weeks - sporadic running only, before that I managed to ride 6 h per week average and did 7 races (mainly crits).

Thanks a lot and cheers,

with only 4 weeks to go, focus on some event specific power requirements and work on any weaknesses that you have in your arsenal. Check out your w/kg versus your peers to see if there’s anything you’re drastically off from.


Thanks Brendan! I came to the same conclusion and modified the specialty plan for rolling road race. Cut out some weeks in the middle and kept the taper phase at the end… Now let’s see how this pans out :slight_smile: