+30 Watts and Winning Races at 64 with Lydia Gould – Successful Athletes Podcast 25

“I’m too old to improve” was Lydia’s Gould’s thought before signing up for TrainerRoad in March 2020. Since then she has raised her FTP by 30 watts, turned VO2 work from a weakness to a strength, won races, and found motivation to get faster and reach bigger goals.

Tune in to Episode 25 Monday, November 9 at 8:00am Pacific for insight into how she has had success at short and intense races like CX and ultra-endurance events, how she has successfully managed a lifelong battle with an eating disorder and how she approaches her training.

Lydia's Episode Premiere:

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Lydia’s athletic background as a runner
  • How Lydia’s childhood struggles made her a strong endurance athlete
  • What made Lydia switch from running to cycling
  • How Lydia became a better cyclist
  • How Lydia recognized and managed her eating disorder
  • What improvements Lydia saw when she started using TrainerRoad
  • How Lydia rode a 200 mile ultra-endurance event

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ZOMG OUR @Lydiagould?! :tada: :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:


This is awesome already! just tuned in. What an amazing athlete!


Really great podcast episode, especially the discussion regarding eating disorders. Thank you for focusing on this important issue.


Fantastic, best story yet.


Great episode @Lydiagould
I grew up in and around Winchester. Lots of beautiful riding around there . Thanks for sharing your story!

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One of the many things that I learned from this video is that Lydia is not only an amazing athlete but a kick-ass story-teller and communicator too! Thanks for doing this Lydia and TR.


Best one yet, what an amazing person!

Small world. I remember riding alongside Lydia on my local climb during the British MTB Marathon Championship a few years ago, she was really strong. Sadly she took a wrong turn and got lost!

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Listened to this during this mornings workout. What an amazing women, would love to hear more of her stories.

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Wow, so you would know the South downs way! Glad you enjoyed the podcast :grinning: :biking_man:


Yes, I remember that day. Nothing beats local knowledge! I spent 6 months training for that race, and it was frustrating, but it was still an enjoyable ride although I didn’t finish, as I’d spent so long lost, I missed the cut off time at the last checkpoint :smile: :biking_man:


No way I could have covered that terrain without living over here, I know exactly where you went wrong, you weren’t alone and won’t be the last. Hopefully will be back on again next year, if our border opens!

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What an eye opening and interesting interview. Thanks to Lydia for sharing so much of yourself and showing how much deeper this whole training world can be in our human condition. Well done. :smiley:


Great podcast! Loved hearing her history of exercise, life story (being vulnerable makes it more authentic and meaningful), and unsinkable attitude! As a 68 y/o cyclist still striving to improve, kudos to TR for featuring a boomer (i.e., over 55), which is the fastest growing demographic in cycling event registrations. ACTIVE Data Report: More and More Seniors Are Cycling Their Way to Better Heart Health | ACTIVE Network Blog.

While we’re discussing over 60 cycling, any update on the over-60 TR feature update that Nate hinted at on the forum back in February?

@Nate_Pearson ? @ambermalika ? Bueller? Bueller? :rofl:


I LOVED this podcast! What an interesting and thought provoking interview with a truly remarkable athlete! Lydia Gould is so charming and inspirational. I loved her advice to younger athletes.

The only thing that could have made it better would have been more details about the ponies! Lol. But seriously, what color? Hh? How old? Do they jump?

Just kidding. I really enjoyed the podcast.

Thank you Lydia for your conversation. Very inspiring and informative. I’m an older athlete and you opened my eyes to my greater potential.

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Ha ha @JMT , luckily Jonathan didn’t get onto that subject. The editing team would have done overtime :rofl: :horse:

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Whilst I always watch/listen to every ask cycling coach podcast I’ve found these successful athlete podcasts a bit more hit and miss. Many I don’t bother with or just listen to the first 5 mins then don’t bother…BUT this one was superb. Lydia was an absolute inspiration and such an amazing attitude. Loved every minute of hearing her story.