TR to success at World Masters Cyclo Cross

It’s been a hard year ,with injury set backs in the summer, but with the help of TR, I was able to get back to fitness, (almost) .Anyway ,it was enough to win the O/65 womens race, with a big margin.
Thanks to Steve Grimwood, and all those involved in making this such a successful event.
Everyone had a smile on their face, and the Podium was amazing. I got carried away and joined in singing the National Anthem ,til i forgot the words :rofl: :rofl:


That’s awesome :clap: congratulations :confetti_ball:

Huge congrats!!!

Well done👍

Huge congratulations!! Time to submit for the successful athletes podcast?!

EDIT: my mistake, you have already been on! I need to go listen.

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Awesome! Did you use the TR cyclocross plan to help you win?

Any cool pics from the race?

EDIT - Please submit your story to the “Successful Athletes” podcast. We’d love to hear your story!

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Congrats Lydia!! :muscle::fire:
Time for a second interview on the podcast, it seems.


Holy schittballs…that is amazing.

And I LOVE that jersey design!!!


They’ve already had me on the Successful Athletes podcast, so maybe if i win 24/12 in the Summer (a gruelling 12 hour MTB epic in UK)
I didn’t get as far as the TR cyclocross plan, because I came back from my accident in October, and did SSBLV, then doing Build 1 before I get into the cyclocross plan.
So i may run out of time, as, after the National cx Champs I will be going back to base training for the longer MTB races.


Yes, I enjoyed doing the podcast. I think i talked more about my epic rides and enurance MTB stuff, and Cyclo cross got left out. Cake and coffee must have got a mention too I think :cake: :coffee: