30 minute FTP Test

I have only tested my FTP once when I first started with TR back in January. At that time I did the FTP test that was provided by my Wahoo Bolt – two hard 8 minutes efforts from which the bike computer calculated my FTP. Since then, I’ve been just using AI FTP, which has steadily increased.

There’s no option in TR to schedule an FTP test outside and I’m doing all my riding outside. I have a good place to do an outdoor 30 minute FTP test (a consistent low grade hill that runs for about 6.5 miles with only one stop sign).

So my perhaps dumb question is, do I bother trying to associate this 30 minute effort with a TR workout or do I just warm up and then do it? I’m thinking just warming up and then doing it is the way to go.

*For reference this is where I got the idea for the 30 minute FTP test: Joe Friel's Quick Guide to Setting Zones | TrainingPeaks

No / Yes


Thanks! Love the succinct answer.


Alternatively, do one.of these:


Hey @bmarum,

I’d have to agree with @mcneese.chad’s simple answer here.

There’s no need to associate any type of activity that doesn’t closely follow the structure of a specific TR workout with any of our workouts. It’s best to feed the software data that matches as closely as possible to ensure that it’s analyzing it properly and with the appropriate context.

When performing fitness tests, the effort can be slightly different than what you might produce in training, and it’s totally fine to keep those activities separate from your regular workouts.

We’ll still see that effort and use the data down the road, but it doesn’t need to affect your Progression Levels and future workouts in the Threshold zone. Adjusting your FTP afterward will do that regardless.

Also, @Helvellyn posted a great link with some really solid data on this topic. I’d suggest checking that out if you haven’t!

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Thanks everyone. I did read the link posted by @Helvellyn and I like the idea of those tests. I don’t have a good section of road near me where I can do the longer tests without running out of road unfortunately.

FWIW I’ve done them on roads where I had to do U-turns and left turns. You don’t need the perfect uninterrupted road, use the roads you have.


I did that format for several years to figure out ftp. It worked well for me but the last few years I’ve used AIFTP detection and keep what feels right but rejected what felt too high.