Indoor FTP for Outdoor rides

Before anything else, yes I did my research but can’t really find the answer I wanted to know. I’m new to power meter and I’ve had my FTP test indoors and just like everyone else, doing hard efforts felt really easy outside. I don’t want to do an FTP test outside as I’ve found from one of TR’s blog that it’s still better to take an FTP test indoors. Now I’m confused, should I stick with my indoor FTP and use it outside? Or should I adjust it manually?

Depends on why the outdoor rides feel easier… your FTP is your FTP really.

Is cooling indoors good, position on bike the same, same power meter measuring power?

No harm in doing an FTP test outdoors if you want though.

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There’s nothing wrong with testing outdoors if you have the terrain. If you don’t, manually adjusting it is the best option.

This is why I like the 8 min test, can do it indoors or out.

It’s frustrating that TR does not allow for more than one FTP, regardless of a user’s reasoning. Reasons such as different power meters, different bikes, etc. Fortunately, there are other platforms that do. I use Training Peaks to set up my different activity types with its respective FTP so I always have accurate training data without the hassle of swapping FTP back & forth depending on where or what I’m riding. I also find tracking my training data such as power curve numbers, trainng load, etc. much simpler on TP or for that matter. I pay very little attention to TR’s analytics, perhaps to my detriment. I’ll be honest & say that I do not understand the refusal on TR’s part to offer multiple FTP options. Maybe it’s tough to do in the coding?

In any case… Yes, in my opinion, if you want to accurately track your training data, you’ll need to adjust FTP manually between your outdoor & indoor workouts. How you arrive at your outdoor FTP is up to you but testing would be your best bet.