3 week gap between road race and big climb event

Hi all!

I started with my plan on january and I’m currently finishing the base 2 workout. The plan was aimed to an event in mid june wich is a 180 km “race” (im not racing. I just wanna test myself) with aprox 2000 mt elevation gain… But now I was invited to do an epic climing day three weeks later (Alto de Letras, a 80km, 3200 mt elevation gan) and I’m not sure about what to do with my training for those 3 weeks…

Should I just do base 3? or maybe another speciality regarding climbing? Any recomendations are welcom!

!!! Saw this climb on GCN the other day and looks AMAZING! I think depending on what your plan is for the 180km “race” you should be in fine shape for the Alto de Letras climb. You’ll probably ride both at a similar IF and complete both in a similar time frame. I think heading back into base is fine, and replace a weekend workout with a long endurance ride just to keep those systems punching along.

base is cool, or try out some speciality and see how you progress through that. Sounds like a good time to test things outsince you’re just going to have a big climbing day and not a huge race that will worry you.

just don’t over roast yourself but doing 3 hard weeks without any rest before the event.

good luck and have a blast!