What plan to do next!

Hello TR Forum,

I’m a masters weekend warrior! I have completed LV Climbing Road Race 52 week program. I’m now ready to commit to another LV 52 week program.

Was thinking of Grand Fondo to mix it up.
When I ride outside, I do it long century rides, or climb between 4,000 - 6,500 feet of elevation.
I train to be healthy, fast and fit.

Should I do Climbing Road Race again, or is it more beneficial to change it up with the style of intervals?

I don’t know. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Maybe I’m just overthinking it!

I’d go with the Gran Fondo plan. More threshold and fewer VO2.

Have you considered doing any of the Polarized experimental plans? I opted for POL Base (6-week) plan instead of SSB I and liked it so much (and increased FTP 2.8%) that I’m doing the POL Base plan again instead of SSB II.

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