2022 Goals and Objectives

Have not seen a 2022 thread for goals yet, so building off the 2021 “what worked” thread, let’s start one up!!! If I missed the thread, Other Chad can kindly delete this one :slight_smile:

2022 Objectives

*** Overall Health and Fitness ***

  • Commit to workout consistency including rest days. 2021 saw completion of a two-year daily workout streak. 2022 is time to return to the basics of rest and recovery.

  • Pay attention to nutrition and fueling.

*** Gym Goals ***

  • Complete a full 4 months of upper and lower strength training starting in December. That is long, but I want to do a full on strength program augmented by endurance rides on the bike and see how that works for me in terms of overall fitness.

*** Bike Goals ***

  • Rebuild MLSS to 230 watts or higher with a TTE of 48 minutes or greater. It’s been a long time since I’ve dedicated enough time to training to have an FTP over 230w and I miss that.

Bike Training Sub-Goal A: Once weather turns positive increase training time to 10 or more hours per week. Focus on LT1 / Zone 2 training principles.

Bike Training Sub-Goal B: Try an Empirical Cycling style VO2max block.

*** Competitive Goals ***

  • Compete in a minimum of 8 road ITT’s with at least one 40km event. Racing has been on vacation for two seasons. We hope to have our TT series up and running again in 2022 and its time to push the pedals in anger again.

  • Compete in at least 2 mountain bike races. Think this is a future direction for competitive outlet and need to test the waters.


Lose weight. Like 25 lbs.

Train for my first half ironman and complete it.

Maybe a sprint and/or olympic distance tri in the mix.

Listen to my body when it’s breaking apart.




I’m not really sure what my goal next season is other than my ‘A’ event. I wanted to go under an hour for 25miles (40.2km) last season and I did that first time of asking by just over 3minutes. I’d maybe like to do it also on a lumpy sporting course but I got over a minute to find there so I don’t think it’s a SMART Target for me :thinking:

  • Get to 4.5 W/kg FTP, higher if possible.
  • Get better at my technical skills: cornering at speed, descending at 35+ mph, tough pack riding, and sprint positioning. Last season this was my weakness (largely due to inexperience).
  • Target GMSR Cat 4/5 as my A race and be somewhat competitive.
  • Join a team and race as a team.
  • Do off-the-bike things necessary for on-the-bike performance: gym, quality sleep, PT, stretching, and the time management to do all of it.

Think I’m
Doing that also

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It’s always a good time to make a bad decision……so I already registered :man_shrugging:

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I’m just worried about drive train destruction

No joke. For Christmas I bought myself:

Two chains
Two cassettes
Four rotors
A bagillion pads


Big one is a KQ, which should be acheivable in terms of my current performance. However, given I haven’t raced in 2 years and have limited experience racing full distance tris there’s a lot of room for stupid mistakes, so I’d also be happy to orient my training more towards long course and see what I can achieve (rather than having it be more of a secondary thing like previous years)
Also: race and train with others as much as possible. Fitness is there, execution needs practise. Also I miss the fun stuff.


Rest more !


Goals for 2022:

  • Complete Haute Route Alpe d’Huez (compact)
  • Get comfortable descending/cornering
  • Increase frequency of off the bike work (stretching etc)
  • Drop 7 kgs
  • do more things that make me happy

  • do less things that don’t

  • get faster on my bike :smiley:

  • prioritise maintaining my good health

That’s about it :+1:t2:


Well if its in writing I’ll have to stick to it right? So here we go…!

#1 - Lose a LOT of weight
- I’ve put on nearly 50 lbs over the past 2 years and I want to get rid of it again. Thankfully I’m tall and dont LOOK overweight, but I know its there and want it gone…both for on and off the bike!
- That means sticking to a good diet. I’ve made a lot of positive changes in this area over the past month or two. But I need to stick to it and quit the “i rode 50 miles, I can eat whatever I want today” mentality.

#2- Get to 3w/kg (or more?!) from my current 2.4 w/kg
- I can do this by obviously sticking to goal #1 but also…
- Stick to a training plan all year long! Every year I lose focus on structure once the outdoor riding season begins. I hope now that I have a dedicated bike hooked up to the trainer permanently I can do my “work” inside and just ride for fun when I go outside.

#3 - Be competitive in CX
- I was mid to lower 3rd of the pack this year as a Cat5, and used up my 10 races at that level.
- Again, the two previous goals will help towards this one, but I also want to dedicate one ride per week to off road riding, or skills work because my bike handling abilities leave a lot to be desired.

#4 - Have fun and try to ride my bike in more cool places
- Need I say more?!


Keep up full body strength training throughout season. Get comfortably over 4w/kg. Sub 9 Leadville. Sub 6:30 Assault on Mt Mitchell. Try Enduro, only ever done XC.

  1. Complete Liege-Bastogne-Liege 160km route in April
  2. Complete 3 days of Tour of Wessex 340 miles end May
  3. Complete Chase the Sun N 205 miles in time to see sunset on the beach
  4. ride >600 hrs in 2022
  5. Fully retire!
  6. Build new paincave and gym in my garage

Ride 10,000 km across all disciplines


Manage to consistently ride 10 to 15h a week without burning out because I’m not disciplined enough outside of workouts.

Stay around 66kg bc it’s the lowest weight I’m comfortable at atm.

Go to the gym for posture and strength training.

Hopefully get to 3.5 w/kg.

Get into racing.

This year I couldn’t train for 5 month because of covid + 2 crashes
So hopefully 2022 will be better :+1:


If I can be near my best numbers while leaning down to a reasonable race weight, I would be happy.


Enjoy life and ride my bike really fast