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I’m not sure what my plans are for 2022. I’ll keep on training and look to do my best on TTs and hopefully PB. I’ve already cracked the hour for a 25miler that was my main aim last year (did it by just over 3mins at the first attempt) but it was on a DC drag strip and it would be nice to do it on a sporting course but I don’t really think its realistic (I’ve got to find 2 minutes and I’ve just turned 46).

I think I will also give preference to leisure cycling if covid calms down (TTs occupied me last season).

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2021 didn’t go as planned. 2021 goal was to complete the Kentucky Century Challenge (five century rides over the summer). Training went well in the early part of the year, and the first century (Red Bud Ride) went very well. After that, work travel kept me on the road for three of the four weeks preceding the next ride (Horsey 100). Time off the bike showed on this ride, but I still did ok. Time on the bike diminished to essentially nothing from June into November, as a work opportunity kept me on the road almost continuously for this entire period. When I was home, that was 100% family time.

For 2022, I’m still deciding on my “target” events. I enjoy century events, but I’ve always wanted to complete a randonneuring series (200k/300k/400k/600k) with Ohio Randonneurs and that may be doable, schedule wise, this year. I plan to make time for more exploration rides, using the Wanderer website. I have a LV AT plan ready to start next week. I’m treating the extended time off the bike as a complete reset, so I’m looking forward to the process. Adding in a bit of strength training; at 46, I’m focusing on injury prevention and overall improved fitness.

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There is already a dedicated topic on 2022 goals. Please use that at appropriate.

Likewise, there is already a 2021 summary topic.