2022 24h of old Pueblo Solo

I just noticed this on strava and didnt see a thread but this is some properly crazy stuff. Keegan Swenson set a new course record, 21 laps, doing old Pueblo by himself. 340 miles, 24:25:38, 16,458kj. 778 TSS in 1 day…

Amazing effort, Congratulations on the win!


He’s a beast

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Only 778 TSS?


I removed the spoiler result info from your post title. We prefer general info for these and results discussion within.

Damn. Great job! How many burritos per hour does 778 TSS calculate too? :slight_smile:

On the pod he said he was aiming for 1000TSS. At 380FTP that’s at least two Burritos he’s earned isn’t it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If it is Qdoba with the delicious cheese sauce, we may need an adjustment factor that may take it down to 1.5 LOL

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