TSS estimate for looong rides - This can't be right?

If I select “Smooth” as an RPE level for this ride it reports -416 TSS. I was there and it was definitely not a negative effort. Can anyone estimate a TSS for me just to make planning my training and recovery proper?

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Maybe use the “TSS per hour” from the table in this article: Estimating Training Stress Score (TSS) | TrainingPeaks

Reach out to support@trainerroad.com they’ll have you sorted in no time. Just sounds like a bug to me.

A couple of points.

Pretty low intensity riding with not much height gain. I would guesstimate 30-40 TSS per hour which gives ~1400 overall TSS

Presumably to get to 376 miles you had done shorter rides of maybe 200 miles which you would be able to extrapolate TSS from.

I dont think you need a TSS score to tell you that you need to recover

Was it an event?

That was my first thought as well, but I read somewhere (can’t find it now) that TSS is not linear plotted over time. Maybe I misunderstood the article, but figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. Appreciate the response.

It is a known bug that’s on their list of things to get to. I was just trying to estimate in the mean time.


I was guessing around 800 but had no idea if that was even close. It’s not really important, just curious more than anything. Since the calendar upgrade I have been looking at TSS trying to find patterns and trends. These are off-road single-stage events and I do 3 or 4 a year. I’m based in Florida, so mostly flat, but did do one in Georgia last year roughly the same distance with 40K of climbing.

I am just curious as to how they fit into my shiny new TSS plot I have in TR now. Usually takes me a week or so to get back to my normal schedule, but maybe there’s something to be learned from it if I can get an accurate estimate. No chance I’ll ever have power on that bike. I can hardly keep the basics working during the course of a ride like that.

My last long ride was a winter 200k / 2500M - using a powermeter my TSS was 578 for an average speed of 27kph. It was a tough ride in challenging conditions, based on that I would say your ride is way over 800 tss. Probably in the 1400-1600 range depending on your effort

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The principle is that you can get different RPEs at the same intensity factor depending on the length of the ride:

50 TSS/ hour is an Intensity Factor of 0.71 no matter how long you ride for but doing that for an hour will have a low RPE whereas 10 hours of that will be very hard.

Put another way, an RPE of 10 for a 10 hour ride may only have an IF of 0.834, giving 695 TSS, (69.5 TSS/Hour) whereas an RPE of 10 for a 1 hour ride could have an IF of 1.

Here are tabulated and graphic Views of how TSS and IF change with time for the 10 RPEs.

As you can see the relationship between TSS and time is not linear because of the reduction in IF for a given RPE as time increases.