The Whole Enchilada Trail: Hannah Otto’s FKT Ride

Figured this would be good share since it’s got a frequent podcast guest in the focus here.


Was that recent?

Under 6 hrs for that loop is very impressive. Wow! The climb up to the top of Burro Pass is hard enough when you get dropped off by a shuttle. Riding from town would make it brutal. Well done Hannah!

Timely video to get me pumped up. I’m going to Moab this weekend. I was hoping to repeat the ride below that I’ve done a few times, but UPS is closed due to weather / trail conditions. Will ride Mag 7 instead.


She did it the middle of last month: Tuesday, October 11, 2022

I found the whole video inspiring and entertaining with great production values. Incredibly well done when you consider all those shots of her were apparently snagged during the effort.

Congrats to her on such an effort, as well as nailing down a target that should be fun to watch as others attempt it.


So cool!

Damn, I wanna go for this. I was chasing the FKT/KOM on the “shuttle drop off to river” segment a few years ago and hoped to try again this year, but WE season ended pretty early and abruptly.

I have 23 minutes on her from the summit to the river, but I bet I’d lose (much) more than that on the climb.


Holy crap that’s fast. Takes me about as long from UPS down as it does for you from Burro down. Seriously impressive :muscle:


Watched it last night. Very cool video and an awesome accomplishment! Also, rad to have listened to her on so many podcasts and then watch her crush it like that :sunglasses:


Was watching an old podcast where the conversation was about riding vs. training. She was talking about how kids just go out and play for hours and we all need a little of that too. She commented how she will do her workout and then just go ride, for fun, because she loves it. Such a great mental perspective and example for us all. That love for the sport and what she does is no doubt the fuel for doing awesome things like this!


Just watched this for the second time and find it super motivating.

Those epic challenge training days where you do a loop, or a point to point, or whatever that people usually do over multiple days or in parts is my absolute favourite.

Similar to the other thread about US FKT’s. Who else has challenge loops/all day epics that would be awesome for this? Primarily MTB, and the ones I’m thinking don’t usually have options for calling it/cutting it short. I imagine there would be some absolutely epic ones in Europe. I can’t think of any super local to me that have that sort of length descent.

There’s a few mixed use DoC trails that can be completed on the bike as one stout ride, but it’s not 100% the same.

White Rim in the US is another one. Very different than Whole Enchilada - not technical - but the views are epic.


Looks epic!

100 miles. Carry everything with you, including all water.

And conveniently, it’s about 30 mins away from the start of the Whole Enchilada loop so you can knock out both in one trip!

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