2021 Venge...is it round the corner?

In our club’s group rides we routinely hit 30mph+ before a sprint. If we catch a tail wind on certain sections it could be 35-38+.


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Well also remember that that 10 watts is usually measured at some sane power output…like 300 watts.

A pro sprinting at 40mph at 5X that 300 watts might save 50 watts.

Even on solo rides I hit 50 km/h on false flats and/or when I have the wind on my side. 35-45 km/h are not unusual in the least.

When you don’t race and you don’t care about every last bit of speed, then this may not matter. But, say, a 20-second advantage over a, say, 10-15 km lap during a race is huge.

From the SystemSix white paper:

Sprints are an obvious scenario where aerodynamic
optimization can have a big impact on performance.
The high speeds of a finale mean that aerodynamic drag
strongly dominates over other resistive forces. But just how
much difference can aerodynamic savings makes during
a final kick from the bunch? Let’s compare SystemSix and
SuperSix EVO – the two primary weapons of EF Education
First Drapac p/b Cannondale. Consider the final kick with
the final 200m covered at an average speed of 60 km/h.
For a typical rider that 12s effort would require an average
of 1000W. Over this final kick the SystemSix would achieve
a 2.1 km/h top speed and reach the line 0.4 sec ahead of
the modern race bike. That doesn’t sound like a big margin,
but at 60km/h that equates to 7.2m, or four bike lengths.
That is a huge difference over just the final 200m of a race.
Add to this the fact that SystemSix requires far less power
on the high speed run in to the finish, even when drafting.


Though aero gains don’t care about your moving speed but rather your velocity relative to the air. So 38 mph with an 8 mph tailwind would see the same aero losses as 30 with no wind.


I created a Madone thread with the release today:

I agree when comparing it to the previous model, but the 2021 BMC Teammachine changes things:


With the arrival of SL7, the word is that the Venge will be available as a frame set only.
Saw these of FB
Can anyone confirm whether they are real?

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If the venge had a bsa threaded bottom bracket in the frameset incarnation, that would be wonderful.

I still think the Venge looks cooler than the Tarmac (I have an SL6 Tarmac and still wish I bought the Venge)

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I hope they bring the Venge back so I can buy a frame or complete bike. Maybe SL7 is the best bike for everything but I am kicking myself not buying Venge now.

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You can still buy the Venge Frameset

Ive just ordered a 2020 black frameset from my LBS

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Did you get a discount? I don’t see how they can continue to sell that frame for $6000 when they are selling the S Works Tarmac frame for $5000 while claiming it’s a better bike.

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S-WORKS Venge frameset in the UK is/was £3,700, was it really $6k dollars in the US?

Sagan version is $6000 and regular is $5500 on the US website.

Just for reference the Sagan is £3,900 in UK if you can find stock

I was able to secure the frameset for $5200 AUD- Satin Black/Silver Holo/Clean (2019?)

Nice! Way better than $6k usd/$8400 AUD!

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“Tarmac Sprint”

Thank you, will check that with my LBS.