2021 Goals/Resolutions

Hit 4 w/kg again
Podium an XC race
Finish point to point Park City
Race an Enduro
Try to do a 20k ft climbing day
Most importantly touch my toes.


Process goals:

-Stop raiding fridge after 9pm (especially while stoned…).
-stay consistent with mid volume workouts (plus outdoor endurance rides/skills practice
-commit to going through base-build-specialty

End results…

-Drop down to 175 lbs from 183
-hit 300 watt ftp (284 now)
-podium in a cross race
-move up to cat 3 in cross
-actually race a cross race this year (most important goal…stupid covid lol…).


-Get my FTP to 300 Watts (at around 70kg) edit: done, so now I’ll see how close I can get to 5W/kg
-Stick to a training plan
-Consistently keep up at the local fast group ride as opposed to tailgunning and getting dropped half the time (if it’s safe with covid).
-Race and compete instead of just trying to hang on (also if it’s safe with covid).
-If there’s no racing: try to do a half Everest.

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It looks like you need to be ftp>300 watts and >4w/kg for this thread so I’ll go with getting my medical marijuana card I guess.


Why not both? :rofl:


Cut back on my screen time
Limit sweets and ‘junk food’ to just one day a week

  • Be the best dad I can be to my daughter.
  • Get a job as I was let go towards the end of 2020 due to the hospitality market in revenue management being devastated by covid.
  • Buy another house by the end of 2021
  • Ride for 7,500 miles which would be 2,500 more than 2020. Was more than double in 2020 over 2019. Run an average of 10+ miles a week.
  • Continue to have less screen time and play more actual board games.
  • Improve 2+ hour NP to 267. This year went up 44 watts to 227 and next year another 40 watts would be a nice stretch goal.
  • Learn to be a better baker than I have become already and learn new skills.

I also have short term/long term goals.


This is a nice way to consolidate all the ideas floating in my head.

  • 250 hours of bike time
  • Cut down to 65kg
  • Maintain training blocks while juggling school and work
  • Go on a multi-day bike packing route I’ve been eyeing (in August)
  • Ski more this winter with some peak-bagging
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2021 targets

  • 4w/kg, up from 3.7-3.8w/kg in 2020.

  • Reduce snacking in the evening = better diet quality and reduced weight.

  • One trail run per week to improve overall fitness.

  • Maintain overall workload, approx 350h per annum and 300h on the bike.

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In chronological order:

  1. Climb Alto de Letras in Colombia
  2. Climb Independence Pass and Trail Ridge Road without cars before their opening days.
  3. Climb Pikes Peak
  4. Complete the Triple Bypass Ride
  5. Do at least one gravel race.

Most important, ride more gravel and earlier in the mornings in order to minimize chance of car accident.


So many great goals here! I personally find that SMART goals work better for me that the “I will do more/less” goals, so wanted to share that method in case people are looking to sharpen their focus.


SMART is a great system for laying out goals, they actually coach us with this at my job and I find it works well

My only goal is to continue regaining as much health as I can from covid and re-build and maintain a moderate level of fitness. If all continues to goes well, try to work my way through some version of SSBLV1/2.


Going to try and hit all the ProXCT rounds. Not sure if I can just got logistical reasons. Which is why I signed up for TR to hopefully help me survive the races (I’ll likely get pulled, but stay in ad long as possible).

Otherwise, my goal is just enjoyment this year.

  1. Make more of my daily choices binary to free up mental space/time.
  2. Improve my food choices, both by binary decision making above and strategy discussed below.

Notes on 1. Assigning too much importance or angst in decision making has wasted time and caused unnecessary stress. No need to bargain with myself. E.g. Am I getting on the trainer or not? No need to debate whether I’ll do it later, or rearrange training days, etc.

Notes on 2. I normally would not share my meager plan, but I came up with an idea that may help others this upcoming year.
My diet weakness is poor food (usually snack) choices. Exacerbated by stress and/or poor planning. I am very good at sticking with decisions I have “already” made. When I lived alone, it was easy, I did not bring poor food options into my home.
With a family, I have struggled for 3 years. For this upcoming year, I have set aside a shelf in the pantry for all the foods I already have decided I will not eat. It has worked well over the past two months already. I do not even scan that shelf when looking for a meal or snack.

  • 4.0 w/kg - currently around 3.6 so think this is fairly doable between increasing training load & maybe losing some weight
  • upgrade from novice to cat 4 - already upgraded in CX thanks to the mandatory upgrade after 10 races. i realize this is opt-in anyways, but i feel like i’ll either upgrade after podiuming, or if i need to in order to race state champs
  • hit 250k elevation gain - was around 190k this year, so should be doable
  • 400 hrs on the bike
  • successfully climb at least 1 14er - tried both pikes peak and mt evans this year, failed at both.

but to be completely honest, the thing i’m looking forward to most in 2021 is hopefully normal CX races… hanging with friends, racing hard, and then drinking & heckling later racers


Is Pagoda, PA Reading, PA?

Pretty much yea. That whole area is awesome but I’m almost 2 hours away

Stay healthy, lose 20 lbs.
I found this cool TR workout tracker calendar to keep me in check it out 2021.

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Can u elaborate on this?. Just curious, as big mountains are my favorite rides.