Personal goals for this fall/ winter/ spring

Inspired by the episode a few weeks back, what are everyone’s goals for the next couple of seasons? Any big races next year? What do you plan on doing to achieve your goal?

I am close to maxing out my total training time each week due to work and husband/ dad responsibilities but so far have kept myself from having a big crater in my training for sep. Hoping for the next few blocks i can then progress like i have previously but won’t be chasing last year’s fitness for half of the base period.

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Fall Goals: Finish top 10 in a cyclocross race and do more 'cross in general.

Winter Goals: Increase the FTP, I’d be happy going from 4.35 W/kg to 4.5 W/kg, and avoid burnout. Maybe try some XC skiing to mix things up.

Spring Goals: Do some 100 mile gravel races/rides and continue to increase the FTP.

How: Actually following a full base, build, specialty plan and optimizing (improving) my nutrition.


Fall/winter goals: Keep on training and get that FTP up. Maybe ride some MTB races for fun.

Spring goals: ride the Mont Ventoux for the second time. I want to finish the Bedoin side under 1 hour 35 minutes (This year it took me 1 hour and 48 minutes). Then cycle all three sides of Mont Ventoux in a single day. (Bedoin, Malaucene & Sault)

Summer goals: ride the LOOK Marmotte Granfondo and finish.

Overall goals: Making sure I don’t get dropped during the group rides :sweat_smile:.

How: Where I live it’s mostly flat, so I’m going to try and get some altimeters in the neighbouring countries/areas. And follow a full trainerroad plan…

Fall - try and get points in my last two Crit races of the season.

Winter - dust the mountain bike off and get some variety back into my rides / start and finish the Base Build programme

Spring - try and find a few local-ish point-to-point mountain bike races

Summer - get a place in my age group for the UCI Gran Fondo

Fall/Winter: Complete SSB 1 and 2 with minimal interruptions - I travel for work a lot and I’m really trying to minimize that so I can get in some solid training. Possibly also find a team/club to ride/race with - I haven’t really gotten involved in the cycling community since I moved here, so I’ve missed that.

Spring: Get back into racing - I haven’t raced since 2016 (again, due to traveling for work 80-90% for the last couple years), so I’m basically just trying to get back in the game.

Oh, and my wife and I are going to Mallorca in May-June for a week, so that’s my “A-race” for the year - long rides in the mountains in cycling heaven.


Mallorca in May is my favourite time. June is just a touch too hot for me. Heading there in a couple of weeks just to round out the year.

Fall/Winter/Spring: Complete my first season of structured training, base, build, and specialty.

Up ‘till now, my “training” has been focused on a destination, like riding that climb I’ve never done or riding to that place I haven’t been.

And while that’s improved my fitness so far, I see that better gains are available with more structure. So TR it is.

Next spring, I hope to set a big PR on a local climb that’s been a fitness benchmark for me.

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Complete a full season of training - base / build / specialty.

Get nutrition right, get my weight down to 150lbs and strengthen up my core.

Do the local fondo in 4-4.5 hrs.

I want to increase my FTP to 300 or better this year. Last year got to 275 before work, family and a vacation had me off the bike for the better part of three months. Interested to see how it increases with my first time through a full base/build/specialty plan.

Strangely enough, exactly the same for me! Looking to improve my FTP from a best of 275 this spring pre-ironman race, and figured why not target a nice round 300. I’d be very happy with 290 though! Get back down to racing weight of 60.5 - 61kgs and I’ll hopefully top 4.75W/kg.

I’m considering a having a stab at Kona qualification sometime next year, probably in the autumn, so planning a bike-focus until spring, before dialing up the run and swim portions again.

Great thread. I’m finding all of these goals inspiring :slight_smile:

Outcome goal: sub 4:10 HIM, IM Lake Placid
Reach goal: complete IMLP in 9 hrs (1hr swim, 5hr bike, 3hr run)

Process goals Fall: improve FTP from 290 to 350, get weight down to 140, build strong run foundation, get in the weight room 2x per week

Winter goals/spring: run 50+ mpw, swim 4-5x per week, ride 5x per week, weights 2x

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My overall goal is to reach 4w/kg.

Figure wise, i’ll need to get down to 78kg and up my FTP to at least 315.

Currently 79kg and 300 FTP, so the weight shouldn’t be an issue - Just go to work on that FTP figure! Got until September 2019 to reach it so i’m hoping it manageable.

Fall Goals: Getting back into structure after letting the structure go. Get up to a sufficient and stable Weekly TSS. Supplement with running as it really seems to help strengthen my back.

Winter Goals: Focused consistent training. Push myself on the longer rides. Compete in a couple of races to get more used to racing in cold air. Get my core strength better than where it needs to be.

Spring Goals: Start the 2019 XCO season strong. Be able to cope with high effort intervals in races better than last year. Hopefully pushing a 300W FTP. Stay consistent.

How: As you may have noticed I’m really going to try and stay consistent as this is where I have lacked before. Especially once the shorter more intense intervals creep into the plans my motivation dropped hard as I had great trouble keeping myself together during those workouts. But this being my second winter with TrainerRoad it also means I’m going into this with more experience so hopefully I will be able to recognize the problems and intervene earlier.

I have my eye on a 9 day LEJOG (Land’s End to John O’Groats for non-UK residents) next September although that is not confirmed. It works out at around 160-180km per day so I’m looking at endurance and repeatability.

For the moment I am still off the bike following the birth of my 2nd child. Looking to get back on the trainer in the Autumn/Winter months and lay some foundations.

Outcome goals:

  • next year’s HIM races (none specifically planned yet) need to be comfortably below 6hrs, ideally below 5:30
  • complete the Singapore Marathon end of this year in 4hrs or less

Process goals for that are:

  • FTP of around 4W/kg by following a complete base/build/specialty cycle with minimum interruptions
  • manage nutrion better to continue with weight loss (currently at 73kg/18% body fat, I’d like to get to around 12%) - this will probably be the bulk of the FTP increase to 4W/kg
  • at minimum 3 runs per week in the build up to the marathon plus strength sessions to withstand the pounding better than last year
  • 3 swims per week (2 squads, one solo)
  • and finally not loose sight of the fun in it all! :grinning:

Outcome Goals:

-Get into the points in at least one cross races this fall.
-reach 4w/kg by the new year
-top 100 in a spring gravel race I do every year.
-loose 4 kg, from 81kg to 77kg

Process Goals:
-Participate in 5 cross races that remain in the local series this fall.
-over 400 TSS every week
-yoga every morning of rest days

2018 was my first year of strutctured training after only 3 years of “junk miles” prior to that. This year my focus was training for a charity century ride. The event is in two weeks.

As for 2019, I’m planning on adjusting training volume due to a pending schedule change in my shift work. I plan to take two weeks off the bike to mentally recharge from the mid volume training that I started Feb 1, 2018. I’ve employed the new calendar feature to plan out the entire year using the Texas State Road Championship in September. I’ll incorporate 2-3 days of strength training and an occasional outdoor ride to supplement the low volume plan. As it stands, I’ll do a maintenance plan until March. Then I’ll start SSBI/II. Since my focus will be on the aforementioned event, I’ll do a general build and finish with the Rolling Road Race specialty plan.

I took the free intro offer at sufferfest and found the yoga sessions to be the best part of their content (but the voice-over is incredibly annoying).

That said, I think, on a scientific level, there are very few body parts that you can actually stretch (i.e. make longer). Hamstrings are one of them. So stretch 'em!

Fall Goals: Figure out & plan my structured training for the year; get back on the bike and work on developing proper/efficient form during low stress workouts; get new indoor trainer

Winter Goals: Full on structured training & diet; work towards FTP 350+ (40% increase over current, 15% increase over 2018 high); work on power in aero position; tweak equipment set up/selection; stay healthy!

Spring Goals: Hit 5.5w/kg (15% increase over 2018 high; currently 3.5); win A race; smash a few KOMs…

Soooo simple! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

End of Season goals:

  • Don’t gain any weight leading up to serious base phase of my offseason - Currently on target, last weigh in

  • Maintain end of season power up to start of base phase - Appear to at least be able to meet previous fitness test, will know for sure next week. I did SSBI low volume almost immediately after my season ended. The first few weeks aren’t too hard and I had a week off for vacation thrown in there too. The last two weeks get up to some real work so I think I’m ready to hit this winter’s base period very close to my season best from this past year.

B/B/S Plans - I plan on doing 3 base blocks back to back. Since my build and specialty plans are so AC focused I’ve been having good progress focusing on sweet spot/aerobic fitness during the winter and where most of my FTP gains have come from. Plan on maintaining swim and run TSS right where it is until the 3rd base period and then start doing the interval sessions as prescribed in the OLY tri plan. I would like to get down 3 lbs, so if I can just inch my way down 1 lb per block that would be perfect.

Do short power build, and oly mtb specialty. Try to keep from going too hard on the weekends so I can get some more consistent work in during the week and don’t skip some of those interval sessions for a recovery ride. Finish specialty plan 1 month earlier than previously, to do 3 xterras roughly 1 month apart. Plan on trying to put in a c race or two during the specialty phase to get some swim to bike work.

Hoping that this consistent bike work will put me in the 4.5 W/kg range, think that is realistic since I am sitting at just below 4.1 right now.

Race goals: Usual goal of top 10 overall, and top 3 in AG at local level xterras. I don’t want to lose any places after the swim, and race to my potential on the bike (lots of mental errors I made the past two years).

Depending on how family planning goes, this is all subject to change… as it could quickly get scrapped and turn in to maintenance mode, but I will still try to get as fit as possible prior to taking it easy for a when other responsibilities become the priority. Might try to race at xterra national(pan am) championships in Ogden if I am free, last chance to take a free room/board and have not done it yet.