2020 Boston Marathon Cancelled

I know this is mostly a cycling forum, but there are a handful of people who still do 2 or more sports.

Anyways. Apparently the Boston Marathon has been canceled (it was reschedule for September). Now people can deferred for next year.

I was scheduled to run it this year… anyone else?


I am … not fast enough to qualify

but I have two coworkers who live in Boston (Back Bay, Malden), their office is Back Bay. We are all on mandatory work from home till at least September 1st, and neither know how they could even return to work then with the cities reliance on the T and other forms of public transportation.

Since the finish is downtown - I think the issue then applies to everyone who is there for the event (social distancing, public transportation, masses of confined people in small spaces)

You going to defer to next year?

Can registered runners really defer until April 2021? I only ask because I know two people that are saying they have to register again in September. They said they can use their qualifying time from 2019, but they will be put in the pool again.

I will be deferring for next year, but the goal will not be the same.
This year the goal was close to 3hrs (probably 3:05) Next year i will be hitting the bike harder than this year, so it will be just another long training run.

No…they can get a refund… Not sure if you can participate in the virtual race if you get the reund.

All participants who were originally registered for the April 20, 2020 event will be offered a full refund of their entry fee associated with the race and will have the opportunity to participate in the virtual alternative to the 124th Boston Marathon, which can be run any time between September 7–14. The B.A.A. will also offer a series of virtual events and activities throughout September’s Marathon Week in an effort to bring the Boston Marathon experience to the constituencies that the organization serves here in Boston, across the United States, and around the world.


According to the website it reads a runner has to re-register, no deferrals. They can use their original qualifying time from 2019.

so you get to defer your qualifying time - deferring doesn’t automatically put you in the 2021 race?

or that is how I read the website?

I am not digging all the virtual racing - doesn’t drive me at all

Sorry for the missinformation…
i was under the impression that the deferral was automatic…

this is the part about it…

(Q) Can I use my 2020 Boston Marathon qualifying time for the 2021 Boston Marathon?
(A) Yes. The B.A.A. is reviewing all specifics involved in the registration procedure for the 2021 Boston Marathon, and additional details related to both the qualifying window and registration dates for the 2021 Boston Marathon will be announced and posted in the coming weeks.


I had the dream to run Boston M since I watched my fellow country athlete Rosa Mota winning it for 3 times.
So I trained and trained, bought those magic vapors and did run a qualifying time in Seville 2019.

But my wife said no. Family budget restrictions. I understood her reasons but I was really pissed.

Well… April or September would both be ok but not at all 2021 because I have an Ironman around the same date.

I guess that after reading this I need to buy some flowers. Talk about women intuition…

You should do that regardless, even if you’re in the right. :wink: :smiley:

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I was planning to run and have been struggling with keeping a focus on that in training since the reschedule, this at least gives some finality to it. Will defer and run in 2021 along with the other WMMs that are bound to be cancelled I imagine…(the only 2 that haven’t been yet - Chi and NY). I guess on the bright side, I thought it would be cool to run all 6 WMMs in one year but didn’t get a spot in London this year, maybe I can make it work next year? Will be interesting to see how they handle Tokyo and London as well

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Anyone register for the “virtual” race in Sept.
I am.
It will suck BIG time.

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Is it worth the impact to the rest of your training?


I haven’t even think about the implications!

I will probably do it…and take my time and take my rest stops…
not a race…just a very long run…

will see what happens.
The run should happen on Sept 7-14.
On the 13 I have a 90 run…
whats another 2.5 hrs between friends!

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I was planning to run this year… Was disappointed it was postponed and now quite bummed it’s been cancelled.

I get there are much bigger issues in the world versus a race cancellation but cannot help it after years of training. I went ahead and signed up for the virtual race but only because I jumped the gun and bought Boston 2020 gear. The virtual race will in no way motivate me to train as hard as if I were to run it in person but it will at least motivate me enough to run the distance so that I can wear the gear I bought.

This does however throw another wrench into my year… Original plan was to run Boston in April, get back to cycling (crit) for the summer and a give a proper go at top 5 at 70.3 in the Fall… I’ll now be forced to keep the focus on running while trying to work in some decent cycling… It will be difficult to work on cycling post virtual run race with no racing during the winter before switching back to running for Boston 2021. My feet are tired just thinking about it.

ok, I’m done whining


Maybe back off the target time for your solo effort, and allow for more cross training? You’ll still get your virtual race medal, right?

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I get it man.

I was also disappointed that it was canceled, not necessarily because i was planning a PR, but because i wanted to go one last time before fully commit to triathlon training. This was going to be my last cycle with run emphasis in a long time.
Now its all about the bike. My longest run after the race was cancel has been maybe 13 miles…MAYBE.

Just take it easy…take your time. Dont go crazy since is not a real race. I know I will probably take at least 4 hours to finish (not adding the stops).

Yes…we get the unicorn medal…and a shirt… for $50…

Yep - the requirement is a single sub 6 hour run. Though, like many on here, it’s difficult for me to not give it a proper effort. That’s not to say I’ll ‘race’ it but I also dont want to run much slower than I know I’m capable of…

I did two plus years of run focused training to qualify to run this year… I actually qualified after year one but didnt make the cut with the cutoff… Did another year of run focused and continued to have breakthrough runs. I then switched to bike focused for 2019 with the expectation to run winter/spring of this year before refocusing on cycling. I improved a ton in the one year and found I really enjoyed cycling.

My stretch goal for boston was sub250 so I was all in this year… Like I said above, I dont want to walk/run the virtual ‘race’ I still want to make this training worth the effort.


Well then, enjoy it as much as you can :slight_smile:

I was surprised how easily I flicked into Race Mode on the IM virtual race series, really from the first one I had pre-race nerves and race brain on the day (and went too hard) .

Get yourself some crowd support (online, family, etc), some kind of substitute medal and a reward treat for the finish line :+1: (And pics for Strava)

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